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  1. Scorny

    FS:2003 JETTA TDI(Tuned)..ONT,CANADA.

    For sale is my MK4 Jetta TDi(492 xxx).Its been a lot of fun owning and driving this car but unfortunately,I'm looking at getting something bigger and don't really have room for 3 cars.I'm the second owner and it's been my DD commuting for over 200k a day.All the power mods were put in this year...
  2. Scorny

    FS:PD150 INTAKE with RACE PIPE...

    SOLD..! Thanks.
  3. Scorny

    Fs:pd150 tip kit..

    For sale is a PD150 Tip Kit. $180 plus shipping. Thanks.
  4. Scorny

    My IP is leaking,any shop around to re-seal ?

    Hey guys... I have finally figured out why I was taking a bit of hit on my MPG and the alternator service warning(diesel splash).My Injector Pump was the culprit and so far it looks like it's the quantity adjuster seal or seals that's causing the leak. Anyways,I've watched the video...
  5. Scorny

    New Cam break-in procedure with ZDDP.

    Hey guys,just installed a stage II cam in my ALH and one of the recommended breaking procedure was to add ZDDP additive to the oil. My question is,for anybody that knows or have done this before,when should the current oil with the ZDDP additive be changed ? Is it hours,days or wait till the...
  6. Scorny

    ALH Cam Install-will pay $$,Please.

    I need somebody with the experience and know-how to install an ALH cam in my 03 jetta for me please. PM me if you're willing and we will discuss further. Thanks.
  7. Scorny

    Immobilizer Delete,anyone local ?

    Hey guys... I'm just wondering if y'all know anybody locally that is capable of doing an immobilizer delete for an ALH(immo3) ? The ECU is still on the car and I'm trying to avoid the down time of taking it out and shipping it to Malone. Thanks.
  8. Scorny

    ALH rebuilt head,tune(increase HP),a no no ??

    Good day... I need some clarification on this issue.According to this 'GURU' who has attained a TDi ascension...sigh:rolleyes:, when a head is rebuilt,some of the bottom part of the head is shaved off ,I'm not sure if this is the same for all rebuilt ALH heads.But this shaving changes the...
  9. Scorny

    Fs:mkiv euro mfa cluster..

    For sale is a diesel MK4 MFA cluster. The LED's have been swapped to white LED's and its very impressive at night. Its been reset to ZERO KM's and will come with the logging code. Please NOTE the little crack on the left,has no effect whatsoever on the functionability of the cluster. You can...
  10. Scorny

    Quick question about Codes and ECU...

    Good day... Just wanted to know if faulty/warning codes that pops up on the cluster are all stored on the ECU ? Anyway to know or find out which ones go to the cluster and ones that go to the ECU ? Also,to swap out an ECU on an ALH,VagCom is all you need or any other tool is required ...
  11. Scorny

    WTB:used 2.5'' Turbo Back Exhaust-MK4 Jetta.

    Before I go out and buy new,just trying to see if anybody has one they want to part with.Maybe you've changed your mind about your setup or simply want something different. I'm looking for the full setup and will prefer with atleast a resonator or two. PM is best. Thanks.
  12. Scorny

    Immobiliser Kicked in...

    I have an MFA cluster in my 03 jetta and today I decided to wire up the wires to the stalk and temp sensor. After all said and done,when I start the car,it quickly dies and the immobiliser starts flashing. I will appreciate any help,also I do have a VAGCOM,if that can help reset things. Thanks.
  13. Scorny

    FS: TDi 11mm pump and a cluster.

    1...11mm Pump has about 180xxx.....SOLD ! 2...City golf/jetta cluster. Thank you.
  14. Scorny

    FS:A couple of MK4 TDi parts and some stuff..?

    Good day.. Below for sale is a few stuff I have for spares or not using at the moment.I know they will come in handy for me sooner or later but right now I need the funds for some more 'bad habbits'. 1...11mm pump with 185xxxkm on it...$ GONE IMMO 2 MFA tdi sports cluster with white leds(take...
  15. Scorny

    World Cup Soccer 2014...

    I know it's not auto related but I seriously can't be the only one watching the FIFA world cup 2014..or I'm I...? Ghana for the win...:D
  16. Scorny

    WTB:alh oil supply line and N75 valve.

    Good day... Before buying new,just want to see if anybody has a spare they want to part with. I need an oil supply line,preferably new and or braided.N75 valve can be new or used. Your price and location,please. Thanks. PS. Got them all.
  17. Scorny

    Number or Serial tag on my Valet Key...

    Good day.. Anybody has an idea what these number tag mean on my valey key ? Never paid attention to it till now. Thanks. EDIT: Picture was taken down on the advise of fellow members.
  18. Scorny

    WTB: starter for 5spd ALH.

    Good day... I'm looking a starter for a 5spd ALH. If you have one,please let me know price and your location. Thanks.
  19. Scorny

    Help me Diagnose my 02 Golf,please.

    Car is 2002 golf Tdi,she started right up today,drove for about 10kms and she stalled and shut down. I tried starting it again but wouldn't start at first,second crank and it fired up but noticed a puff of white smoke from the exhaust and was idling rough. I shut it down and did visual check...