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  1. JonLla84

    TDI 40k service

    TDI 40k service cost help Hey gang, just phoned my service guy at the dealer to inquire about my upcoming 40k service.... he quoted me $740 for the service, unless i need a brake flush which would bring it to $870.... Does this sound about right?
  2. JonLla84

    30k Mile Service

    Hey gang, tomorrow the TDI SEL goes in for the 30k service... does this sound right?... Oil change adblue topoff tire rotation and something with brakes... i think brake fluid flush... its going to be about $230 i think they i have a 10% off... Sound about right?
  3. JonLla84

    14 passat fender hit n run help

    Hey guys, I went to leave work and found someone backed into my driver side front fender... One nice little the size of about a grapefruit or so... I can't use a police report as their were no cameras. Which the officer says I'm better off going out of pocket... Any thoughts on how much it may...
  4. JonLla84

    2014 Passat TDI right pull

    Maybe I'm crazy, but since racking up 20k+ mileage, I've noticed the car wants to go towards the right slightly... ill be on a small roads, highways, doesn't matter, any speed, and if i let off the wheel, it will drift towards the right... the dealer did an alignment and said the wheels weren't...
  5. JonLla84

    Alert: Check Tires! But seem fine?

    Car: 14 vw passat tdi 20k service just performed and as I was on my way to work, I got the check tires alert... I prayed it wasn't a flat...I got to work and checked : Fronts 40psi Rears 36psi So is the alert for the fonts being too high? Thanks
  6. JonLla84

    2014 Passat TDI, Intake + MPG

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if changing out the stock filter for a K&N or even a new air intake improves MPGs at all, or if id spend more money than id save in the long run?... -Thanks
  7. JonLla84

    squeaky brakes

    Just finished up my first service, 10k mile oil change. All checked out and the car is still running great. I've noticed at low speeds, such as stopping at the end of my parking lot just before driving away, the brakes squeak until they get up to temp or when I'm at normal speeds. Is this...
  8. JonLla84

    Weather & mpg / break-in

    Experts, Now that Florida is getting crisp 60-70* temps, does the cooler air positively impact MPG? Also, coincidently, the bump in mpg over the last few tanks has come after hitting 7k miles, is the motor starting to show its "legs"? Hoping it gets stronger and stronger as the miles rack up.
  9. JonLla84

    DSG: "D" or Shift mode?

    Any feedback on which mode squeezes a few extra MPG's out of the DSG? Drive Or Shift mode Still can't break the 700 mile mark...
  10. JonLla84

    2014 18" tire pressure

    Hey guys, tried to search but had trouble getting the exact info i was looking for... In regards to the 2014 passat tdi with the 18" wheels, for 400 mile round trip, what would be better for mpg's... 33psi they're at now? 35psi? or 38psi? -Thanks
  11. JonLla84

    2014 MFI help

    Hey guys, quick question about the MFI... Im always snooping through the primary and secondary consumption numbers (1 avg, 2 avg) etc My avg 2 was about to hit 40 at 39.9 so i kept flipping from consumption the the avg and on one of the times it reset all the 2 averages, even time and miles...
  12. JonLla84

    Fuel reserve & Warnings

    Hi gang, For the first of the 4 or 5 fuel ups I've done, i wanted to push to see what the limits were, i ran it just about a touch more than half of the red warning lines, the MFI said about 35 miles left for 20 miles, then once i was a few miles from the gas station i use off the highway, it...
  13. JonLla84

    Cold Start AC question

    Hey guys, with only 2 weeks in the car, I'm still learning a lot. usually I remote start for a minute or two on my way down the elevator to the car, but yesterday, i stepped right in and didn't remote start, hit the max ac button, and drove off, i noticed for the next minute or so, the ac blew...
  14. JonLla84

    2014 Headlights/lamps

    Maybe someone more technical could help me, but I can't stand the yellowish bulbs that cars come with. Without putting in a complete HID system etc, can I simply swap the bulbs to something with a bit more intensity and better color?
  15. JonLla84

    suntek tint good / bad?

    Hey guys, 4 days and I'm already desperate for tint. Tint world here in pompano wanted 360 for 3m tint 5 windows. I found that extreme just for tint. So I found a guy who tints at a kia dealer and uses Suntek carbon sseries and will do 18% on 5 windows plus a strip on the windshield for...
  16. JonLla84

    New tdi, first trip.

    Gang, I'm thinking of driving from ft. Lauderdale to Orlando Sunday to bring my daughter to Disney. The new car is still under 250 miles... The trip will be 200 miles each way. Am I safe to drive?
  17. JonLla84

    First Tank Fill

    So 2 days into my new car, I'm at half a tank, and am curious, could i fill now? or is it beneficial to go to at least that 1/4 mark, where the red starts... I want to get a full tank going to gauge mileage... dealer only gave me 3/4 tank when i drove off, not sure why but...
  18. JonLla84


    Hey gang, How often do most people use the Diesel Kleen: Every fuel up? Once a month? Once every few months? -Thanks
  19. JonLla84

    New VW TDI

    Hello gang, After spending several 100s a month of 93 octane, i finally got rid of my 24mpg 1.8t for a 2014 TDI. Looking forward to seeing great mileage on my highway drives to work. Having said that, other than the obvious fuel choice, any other additives i need to keep up with or other...
  20. JonLla84

    2014 Passat TDI SEL

    Hey gang, Tomorrow morning Ill be going to negotiate a deal to finance the last 14 on the lot, a black on black Passat TDI premium... If the sticker is around 33k, do you have any input as to how much they may be willing to knock off the tag to help make the deal happen? ill have about a 3-4k...