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  1. absalom

    Single Clunk in Front End While Braking

    Hi all, I'm at wit's end trying to diagnose this clunking issue in my front end. But first, some backstory: Symptoms: - When driving, during a rear > forward weight transfer, there is a single metallic clunk originating from the front of the car. - The noise seems to happen while braking, but...
  2. absalom

    Which ALH timing belt DIY guide to follow?

    Which guide does everyone recommend following these days? I see that myturbodiesel's guide has been removed? What is everyone's favorite?
  3. absalom

    Which HID Projector Fits MK4 Jetta?

    I am planning to retrofit our "new" Jetta, and I don't want to deal with the hassle of cutting the housing to fit Mini H1s. Is there a projector that will fit into our housings and not hit the lens when sealing it all back up?
  4. absalom

    Stereo Upgrade - What Exactly Do I Need?

    I have a 2002 wagon with Monsoon (double DIN) and steering wheel controls. I'd like: - Single din - Dash pocket - Bluetooth - Do NOT need to retain steering wheel controls (I never use them) What exactly do I need to make this as plug and play as possible?
  5. absalom

    Wtb alh frostheater

    Shoot me a text if you have one for sale 303.746.9938
  6. absalom

    Wanted: ALH Nozzles

    Looking for some fun, non-stock nozzles. PM me with what you have!
  7. absalom

    2006 BRM needs new injectors, what are my options?

    Was quoted $1,000 for rebuilt through DBW, PD150 are $575+$350 tune. Are there anymore budget friendly options out there?
  8. absalom

    Welding EGR Cooler - tips?

    When I swap in my soon to arrive PD140 turbo, I'd like to future proof my EGR cooler at the same time. Questions: - What material is the cooler (aluminum or steel)? - What position do I weld the butterfly flap (parallel or perpendicular to air flow)?
  9. absalom

    Rocket Chip still around?

    I've called, emailed, and texted. No response over the past 1 month. Actually come to think of it, no response from TDTuning either. Anyone know?
  10. absalom

    Need transmission attached for camshaft replacement? BSM?

    Hi all, I'm pulling a BHW from the donor car. I would really like to be able to change the camshaft and BSM while on an engine stand - without the transmission attached. Is this possible?
  11. absalom

    BSM delete and camshaft at same time?

    Doing all the fixin's for this motor prior to the swap. While doing the BSM, does it make sense to do camshaft? Or is it best to button up one job before tackling the other?
  12. absalom

    Parting out 2005 BHW Passat Wagon - Denver, Colorado

    Have a complete parts car. I'm keeping engine and the majority of the stuff under the hood. Everything else is available at this point. Shoot me a text @ 303.746.993eight for a quick response and price. I'm happy to ship anything, regardless of size. I'll update this post as stuff sells, but...
  13. absalom

    <BRM> Does the ECU limit power until the car is at proper operating temperature?

    <BRM> Does the ECU limit power until the car is at proper operating temperature? I've been through everything on this car. EGR valve (brand new), EGR cooler only 40k on it, and NO visible leaks. Cam and lifters all within last 13k miles, purrs smooth as a kitten. Zip tie mod on turbo, and...
  14. absalom

    BRM EGR Valve - $40 shipped

    Tested to exact same values as the brand new replacement unit in VCDS. Car drove identically before and after replacement. I attributed my driving issues not to the valve itself, but to the chaffed wires on the valve harness. Would work well for testing purposes or as a budget replacement...
  15. absalom

    Surely it should be better than this

    Copying my post from another thread in its own. As it is now, I have to slip the clutch from a standstill just to get moving. It feels as the car is making all of 9 hp below 1800rpm. That’s with zip tie mod and pressure differentials of around 100 mbar. Quite frankly, I’m very disappointed with...
  16. absalom

    Malone Stage 1.5 at Altitude BRM

    Hi all, considering doing a 1.5 Malone and I guess my only concern is EGTs at higher elevations. Living in Colorado, hill climbs are a regular occurrence, and it's not uncommon to do 30 second, very steep hill climbs at high speed at high elevations. Am I right to worry about EGT's or is this...
  17. absalom

    BRM Low Boost in Group 11 Test

    Hi all, I have two questions today: 1) First off, I seem to have low boost in the group 11 test in VCDS. High of 980 mbar and low of 890 mbar. Most others seem to report a high boost of 1170 during this same test. I tested my actuator and vacuum from N75, and both are in spec. My actuator rod...
  18. absalom

    Help identify this strange noise! 2002 ALH

    It is present when the car is cold only. It is also accompanied by an odd whooshing sound during deceleration.
  19. absalom

    PSA: Take a photo of your key today!

    Let's get this out of the way; I'm a bonehead. We failed to get a back-up key, and over the weekend lost our only key! Thankfully, I have detailed pictures of both sides of the key, and it sounds like we'll be able to get a new one cut without a trip to the dealership. So, stop what you're...
  20. absalom

    Lost my only key for 2002 Jetta - options?

    1). Can I use VAG-Tacho to pull SKC without a key to turn car on?