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    Let's talk coolant temps

    I've noticed my 2013 NMS runs a little warmer than my 2011 Jetta did. Average everyday driving I see 205-209 degrees F. On a recent trip from SC to Daytona FL and back running 80 mph on cruise I saw 211-215 average temps. Economy and drivability seemed fine, but the temperature seemed a little...
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    Dumb Question

    What does NMS stand for? :o
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    New 2013 Passat TDI SE Owner

    So my dealer got me to trade in my 2011 Jetta TDI today on a 2013 Passat TDI SE with sunroof and DSG. The deal wasn't spectacular, but I think it was reasonable. I drove the Passat TDI once or twice before and I think it's a step up in comfort. Now time will tell if it is as reliable as my...
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    60k mile service

    I'm at my dealer for my 60k service today. I asked if I could be in the shop when they opened my fuel filter up. Having built a decent relationship with my dealer's service department they accommodated me. I'm happy to report the filter and housing were clean, metal flake and water free! :) This...
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    Anyone tried these tires?

    I am getting to the point where I need a new set of tires. The OEM Hankook's have about 56K miles on them and are about done. I have my eyes on the tires in this link...
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    New noise from windshield wipers

    My 2011 has 53K + miles on it so far and the other day I noticed a new noise from the windshield wipers. They have never made a sound before this is completely new. See the attached video clip I took today. Anyone that has any experience with this, please chime in...
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    To 2013 or not to 2013?

    Some of you may remember my dealer tried to sell me a 2012 recently, but they would not take my deal. Well the salesman called me up today and said he thinks he can get me in a 2013 premium with nav for the deal we discussed last time. I am going to play the game again with him Friday morning...
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    Scan Gauge II Fuel Consumption / Hour

    I bought a SG II for my '11 Jetta so that I could have a few gauges. The things I really wanted to monitor, boost and EGT, don't seem to be available on the SG so I have settled on the following 4 gauges that are available on the VW: RPM, Battery Voltage, Engine Coolant Temp, and Gallons Per...
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    Dealer sales staff called me....

    They "need" used Jetta TDI's like mine and can get me in a new one at a better payment!! LOL Just for giggles I'm gonna go play the game with them tomorrow. This should be fun! :)
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    Intercooler Icing / Water buildup

    I took my Jetta in to my dealer for it's 30K service. I asked them to perform the Intercooler icing TSB because I have had some long cranks and one time a long crank with rough idle for a few seconds. I have a good relationship with the service department and they did their part with the tech...
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    Working on my personal best tank FE

    So far 380+ miles on this tank. Gauge is showing 5/8 remaining and the MFD2 is at 50.1 mpg. I know this isn't exciting to you guys with the pre-CR cars, but if I can maintain this till the tank it done, it will be my first 50mpg tank! :cool:
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    Longer crank and rough running for a few seconds

    Off and on I have had intermittent longer than normal crank times. It has never failed to start. People have suggested that it may be the iced up intercooler issue. The problem is it has never occurred during or directly after freezing temps. Tonight I attempted to start my car and it cranked...
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    Interesting tid bit

    The other day I took my kids to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. When we all got out I hit the remote to lock the doors. I heard the locks click but the horn didn't sound. This caught my attention and I unlocked it and locked it once again, there was still no horn. I walked around to the...
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    SS exhaust tip recall

    I got the recall letter for my exhaust tip recall yesterday. The letter says they will replace the tips with a different set. Has anyone had this recall performed? Do the new tips look decent?
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    Rising oil level

    Since my 20k service I have noticed that my oil level has risen about 1/8" (3mm) over about 6k miles (9660km). I fuel weekly and check my oil level after I complete fueling, engine is warm. I am not completely alarmed yet, however I did make my dealer note my concern in my file while I was...
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    Electric door locks

    I have been wondering. How would one get into their 2011 Jetta if the battery died? When I use the key in the door it seems it actuates the electric door locks. It doesn't seem that there is a mechanical connection to the lock at all. Thankfully this problem hasn't occurred to me, but I wonder...
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    Sure footed little bugger

    Yesterday we had some severe weather move through the area. I was about 150 miles from home and the shortest route was a state highway (one lane each direction) the sees heavy truck traffic. The road has two grooves worn into each lane that collects the water into two rivers when it rains hard...
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    Distance to empty on MFD

    I took a trip yesterday from Greenville, SC to Charleston, SC and back. I left in the morning with 3/4 tank indicated on the fuel gauge. I knew I would probably need fuel before I got back to Gvl as the fuel gauge dropped to 5/8 as soon as I got on the road. No problem I had some additives with...
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    Diesel Racing

    For those of you in striking distance of Greensboro, NC. This Saturday October 15 there will be a diesel truck race at Piedmont Dragway in Julian, NC (near Greensboro). If you are a diesel head, drag racing fan, or just a Motorsports enthusiast you may want to consider attending. A good time...
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    Warned about being at the diesel pump

    So I pull into a fuel station today to fill up. This is a BP with fuel I trust. They only have one diesel pump with nozzles on either side. I get out, pop my hood and trunk. When I start getting my additives out of the trunk, the attendant sticks his head out the door and yells "sir that is the...