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    replacement CV boots

    due to a required replacement of a CV boot on my Golf, i wanted to see if and what the situation was on our jetta, (2015 tdi, DSG), from VW's parts website the boot isn't available separately. Has anyone encountered this and is this the real scope? thanks
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    Climatronic clacking noise

    recently started to occur, start the car with hvac system of, turn it on and we get a clacking noise, if the systems is on when the car starts it makes the noise right away, from the descriptions on line is likely a damper actuator, but which one and where are they located? I ran VCDS scan and...
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    need a cargo area cover, will this fit?

    i have a 2011 JSW/GSW without a cargo cover, there is a cover within a reasonable distance off a 2016 GSW. would it fit? (reasonable distance in this case is 6hrs driving time, I have found a direct fit 1500mi away which would require shipping)
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    Next TDI, which VW to get?

    So i am now on the hunt to replace a 2005 passat. i considered it my truck, go anywhere, haul anything. Can a 2010-2015 golf substitute for a 2005passat? I ask the question in regard to reliability, considering the PD engine vs the HPFP malarky and any other issued i haven't read about yet...
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    camshaft replacement

    So i've started reading through the process, from some of the info i have gleamed it looks straight forward, out with the old in with the new... but then i see a comment that the injectors need to be reset... dial gauge and fancy rotation process....:confused: Is everyone who replaces their...
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    oil dipstick

    another dumb question, on this car the dipstick tube is yellow but the dipstick head is orange. i think it has the wrong dipstick since the metal stick is quite narrow and the oil level is showing above the full line. could some one confirm the colour of your dipstick and tube? thanks
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    new to me 2005 passat issues

    bad news 1, when you push the pedal from a stop it take a noticeable delay before all of a sudden it jumps off like a scared rabbit. so search indicates that this was happening from new but i haven't found a solution. would an ecu flash deal with this, or is it possible that the trans is low...
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    well, looks like i barely left and am now coming back again

    sold our 05 passat tdi a month ago. and today my buddy set me up ( i didn't want it) to rescue an orphan 05tdi passat wagon 200k... orphan cause the previous owners considered it transportation, and it looks the part. its about the level of reliable and cheap that you could want, but id be much...
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    FS; Cat filter adapter & 16" wheels

    FS; 16" wheels $400 for the 16" wheels, Cat filter SOLD. best text at 306 two2zero 9fournine5
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    remove hood-release panel

    i ran a search with no results, i need to remove the drivers side kick panel with the dead pedal. how is it attached? any pictures? thanks
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    remote starter no fob

    Its always interesting to try and figure out what a previous owner was thinking. so it turns out that the 2015 jetta tdi i just bought was also equipped with an aftermarket remote start, but then the car was returned to vw as part of dieselgate, there is no fob for the remote start. I...
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    2015 - 12v outlet in trunk missing?

    just sold my 2005 passat, and bought this 15jetta and can't find a 12v in the trunk. looks like they been deleted. can anyone confirm? there are several reasons to want one; a) i use it to power the aircompresser, b) feed the trailer wiring converter for mandatory lighting, c) nice backup...
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    car jacks up when shifting from N to D

    funny thing i have now seen it in three different b5.5 sedans, when shifting from N to drive with your foot on the brake, the front end of the car lifts up. i thought is was a front engine mount, nope... so rear engine mount, or auto trans mount, my 1999 B5 with a manual never did this any...
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    UOA water in oil

    just got the test results back, and it shows water in the oil, there is no appreciable coolant drop, and there is no oil in the water any thoughts how to chase this down? when i get home i 'll post the results.
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    FS Canada/Sask - B5 Passat euro HID lights

    sold the car, lights still available. need new bulbs (D2S) $150.00 please respond by email [/URL] [/URL]
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    can i reuse the axle bolt?

    cv boot torn, turns out the dealer has no stock, parts source had kit but it does not include the axle bolt, back to dealer no bolts in stock, can I reuse the bolt? i have a number of bolts on my BMW bike which are also spec'd to a torque and then 180 additional twist and they are reused, i...
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    B5.5 circulation heater hose routing connection points

    so it was -18 this morning, i plugged the passat in at the office and came out at the end of the day to a cold car, guess the oilpan heater is toast, i did the last install of a zerostat heater in my 99 B5 but it was a 1.8t, i need to know: 1. what location on the engine to connect the inlet...
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    searched Oil leaks, explain tandem pump

    I have been using search to identify oil leak info. came across 1 item talking about tandem pump oil leak. i am a bit at a loss to understand it. can some one explain that? i thought the tandem pumps was vacuum and fuel... how can it leak oil? is there a fix and what will it cost for the...
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    things to check for oil use

    as noted on my first post, i acquired this 2005 passat with 79600km, car was really clean, previous owner used amsoil 5w40 product , and changed the oil just before i bought it, i have no service records for it it now has about 1500km since the oil change and i've noticed that the oil level has...
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    second fillup second mess

    2005 passat acquired used with 79600km, so i just filled up for the second time, and made a mess for the second time, this thing does not shutoff like my old 1.8T passat or my wife's tdi beetle... the opening has this white plastic looking funnel-like thing it which blocks being able to see...