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    SOLD .. For Sale 2006 MkV Jetta TDI 1.9 Pkg 2 w/Navi .. SOLD

    SOLD .. A heads up for TDI CLUB members - I'll be listing nationally "For Sale" my 2006 MkV Jetta 1.9l Pkg2, DSG w/Navi & HiFi,, on the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday. .. SOLD
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    Member heads-up.. '06 Jetta 1.9 Pkg 2, DSG w/Navi, Digital Active Audio - For Sale

    A heads up for TDI CLUB members - I'll be listing For Sale my 2006 Jetta 1.9l Pkg2, DSG w/Navi, HiFi,, on the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. .. I am the original owner, ordered new in May 2006 as a late-August production, always garaged. . Never a Shunt or Collison, great to excellent...
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    [B][I] Ithaca, New York TDI Tech or shop recommendation?[/I][/B]

    Ithaca, New York TDI Tech or shop recommendation? February 8th, 2020 As the title reads any tech recommendations in the upstate NY area nearby or in Ithaca NY? .. Our MY06 TDI 1.9 BRM Jetta is spending several months on campus at Cornell U. .. I'd like to investigate a MkV TDI issue. Thanks...
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    Ithaca, New York TDI Tech or shop recommendation's

    February 8th, 2020 As the title reads any tech recommendations in the upstate NY area nearby or in Ithaca NY? Our MY06 TDI 1.9 BRM Jetta is spending a few months on campus at Cornell U. I'd like to investigate an issue. TIA . Cheers, Mike
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    Instr. Cluster 1K0 920 973 D VCDS #17 Malfunction error

    MFD center screen menu populates; However stops there. .. VCDS #17 Malfunction error The memory data for a 2006 Jetta TDI's Pkg2 w/Navi instruments clusters MFD central screen "Settings" feature is stored where? Any clues? Using the VCDS to run a scan and then further test the operation of the...
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    WTB: Rear trunk lid, 2005.5, 2006, 2007, 2008 Platinum Grey metallic

    As the heading states, I'm looking for a Platinium Grey metallic trunk lid. I'd bump mine with the garage door - Son-of-a-*****! Atlanta area preferred, however, can arrange ship carton and UPS services for the right, unmolested trunk lid. Please ping me via email.
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    MY05 thru '10 Jetta clutch disc sale $99

    OEM parts heads-up The VW USA Parts Distribution lists page 1, a clear-out price of $99.00 less any additional discounts for a Jetta model year 2005 thru 2010 Clutch disc, part # 038-141-032 Retail was listed as $348.00 retail ... All disclaimers...
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    A pillar ... "airbag fault" ... after windshield install.

    Side (front Pass.)"airbag fault" ... after windshield install. Go figure. Had a new OEM VW windshield installed today. After several hours (5) to cure, I'd rev up the TDI. .. Immediately after starting a DTC appeared as in a airbag fault warning (speedo) illiuminated. .. Reached for the trusty...
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    VW spec., 505.01 5W-40 synthetic On Sale $4.99

    505.01 VW spec., 5W-40 synthetic oil is On Sale at Atlanta, Georgia area Napa Auto Parts stores. Sale ends at the end of the month IIRC. $4.99 per quart. Valvoline SynPower MSP (part #VV966) Full synthetic 5W-40 ... VWAG spec., 505.01 All disclaimers apply .....
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    Mobil 1 FS X2 5W-50 Full Synthetic Oil

    Hey Gent's - Anyone using a newer ... Mobil1 FS X2 5W-50 weight oil in their Pumpe Duse 1.9l BRM diesel? The FS X2 formulary does not meet VW spec 505.01 however the oil does meet Porsche A40. For oil shear attributes the Porsche spec's C30 & A40 are light years beyond VW spec., 505.01 IIRC...
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    Cold .. 1.9 BRM engine misfire?

    A search didn't reveal much .... With recent Atlanta (elevation 1,200Ft) area ambient temperatures at approximately freezing 32*F or below say at 20*F, when initially starting the 1.9 BRM will exhibit minor misfire's. Within the first minute of running there is a misfire, once, twice, three...
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    MkV 1.9 BRM .. VNT turbo vane cleaner?

    Tried a "turbo cleaner" search a couple of different way's, but no soap. Is there any home grown or otherwise method of a thorough turbo vane douche? Attempting to cure a just OK, sluggish performance character. Our MY06 1.9 BRM had a Malone +1 tune about 75,000 miles /7 years ago and with this...
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    Rear, Control Arm bushing removal.

    Re: MY2006 Jetta Pkg2 1.9TDI USA August '06 production. The rear axle control arms (from center of vehicle out to hub) have replaceable bearings, but only those bearings at the hub career/outside position. The rear control arm bearing located at the vehicles center of chassis position has this...
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    Dynaudio HiFi, DSP, Audison DSP fans

    Here's a link to a developing DSP execution. Who's going to be the first to implement in our MkV TDIs .... ? (could be me) The above link is to a Audison Bit Tune DSP product. All disclaimers apply..... (DSP rules)
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    FS. MkV 16" Bioline wheels - all silver. $150. set of 4

    FS. MkV 16" Bioline wheels - all silver. SOLD. #### SOLD to TDI member Dupp #### FOR SALE: $ 150.00 for the 4 set. Firm. Single wheel sales not offered. Payment: PayPal, Cash. Please PM if interested. The set of (4) 16"x6J VW Bioline alloy wheels (all silver) are from my MY06 Jetta TDI. The...
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    Non-Linear throttle responce & high rev (3k RPM) shift character...

    Go figure. Our MY06 1.9 BRM/DSG TDI Jetta has recently started to have a screwball drive character. The DSG gearbox will shift gears 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd waaaay to late (3K RPM) or so, even with a very light throttle demand; level ground etc. Reset the DSG via VCDS, the production EGR...
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    MFD display say's "Exceeding 62 MPH"

    Re :MY2006 USA Jetta pkg 2, 8/2006 production. Navi, memory seats, dip Rt mirror. (late pkg 2 production) The center cluster MFD display announces that the car s "exceeded 62 MPH" when exceeding 62 MPH. Go figure. The problem lies in that this is not by choice. The MFD function does have...
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    VWoA or Industry Accepted Time alloted for BRM - EGR/cooler R&R

    As the post title suggests, anyone know what the "official" time it takes to R&R the EGR/cooler on a Mk5 Jetta 1.9 BRM? The Bentley Repair CD show's only the process (straight forward it seems) but does not indicate any time frame. What's usual and or customary? 2 hours, 6 minutes and 22...
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    Dynaudio amp swap for VW amp (POS)

    Dynaudio DSP module swap for VW DSP module (POS). New DSP/amp/EQ/XO.. 3C0-035-456-C Edit: Ooops, correctly as 035 not (034 wrong) Today I replaced the TDI's under seat OE external DSP amp [1K6-035-456-A] with a Dynaudio/VW amp; [3C0-035-456-C]. This exchange was an easy plug n play, that...