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    Seat Covers

    Front seat in my 2003 Jetta are in poor shape. Would like to get some cotton seat covers for them. Any recommendations?
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    Wandering/floating(?) at highway speeds after alignment

    I've had "clunking" noises on several cars before (various manufacturers). Changing sway bar bushings and links corrected the problem.
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    Where can I buy a new brush pack for ALH Bosch starter

    Your local auto electric repair shop should be able to supply the brushes.
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    List of all sensors

    Great manual. Would you happen to have one for the 2003 engine? I believe it's the VE engine.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Changed out my alternator last evening with help from Oliver Wegener. Actually Oliver did the job, he really knows what he's doing. Symptoms were alternator light was on although system voltage varied between 11.9 and 13.5. Belt damper was making strange noises although puller seemed to be good...
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    Coolant Filter

    coolant filter Had an old truck which had rusty coolant I could never clean up by flushing. Added a bypass coolant filter in the supply line to the heater. After running for a month or so, coolant is now clear and no more rust. Agree on using a 50/50 mix of the recommended anti-freeze and...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Rebuilt the front end on my 2003 over the last 2 weeks a little at a time. Tie rod ends, control arms, sway bar links, and struts. Changed the 01M trans fluid and filter since I had to remove the pan to get one of the control arm bolts out. Will be doing an alignment tomorrow using the...
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    2003 Jetta automatic, parts car in WV

    Parts Car Would you post a few pictures. I am interested.
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    P1144, P1441, P1549, P1631, CEL, Glowplug light flashes

    CEL Problem Have a similar problem; lots of codes and engine did not run right. Turned out to be a blown fuse. Replaced the fuse and all was well.
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    Yes; Oliver is still around. Was having a problem with the CEL and many codes. Turned out to be a bad fuse. He didn't even charge me anything. Nice guy and very knowledgeable too.
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    TDI Racing Oliver did my 2003 Jetta's timing belt today. He seems like a nice guy and a good mechanic. Did a good job, while I waited and answered several questions I had about the car and engine. His price was very reasonable and I would recomend him. I would certainly use him for work again.
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    Dead Battery and Computer

    New Friend He is a good friend, although misinformed, and I would say true friends are harder to find than decent cars. Any way, thanks for the information. I can get my new battery and change it with out any worries.
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    Dead Battery and Computer

    A friend of mine told me that if the battery goes totally dead or is disconnected on my 2003 Jetta TDI that the program in the computer will be lost and need to be reflashed at a dealer. My battery is getting weak and I need to replace it and don't want to mess any thing up. Can any one...
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    2003 Temperature Sender Coolant Leak

    Have a small leak coming from the area of the coolant temperature sender. Can't see if it's the "O" ring seal or the sender itself leaking. Any body else had this problem and what was actually leaking? Hate to buy a sender if I only need an "O" ring. Thanks for the help.
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    Power Steering Fluid Change

    Any body have a procedure for changing the power steering fluid on a 2003 Jetta? Only a small amount of the fluid is in the resovoir; most is in the system. I didn't see any hoses to remove to drain more out; any suggestions?
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    WTB; Sun Visor for 2003 Jetta

    I need a sun visor for the driver's side of a 2003 Jetta. The broken one has a mirror and is beige in color. However one without is OK. I live near BelAir, Maryland but will pay for shipping. Thanks Denis