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    Malone stage 1/rawtek dpf delete review?

    I too am interested, '14 JSW, TDI, MT6, at 140K miles
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    Under seat storage trays.

    I have the underseat drawers installed in '14 JSW TDI, and they are kinda small, and I like them. I have several bits of hardware, what size are you interested in storing? Maybe give me length, height and width, and I'll check.
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    Suspension Upgrade by using VW Parts for my JSW

    All suspension on my JSW is stock, with the exception of the bigger GTI rear anti-sway bar. I prefer "coffee cup" friendly over wilder. Your mileage may vary.
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    Suspension Upgrade by using VW Parts for my JSW

    I chose the simplest and cheapest rear suspension mod, that of installing the GTI 22 mm (anti) sway bar. Recommended.
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    Mk6 gti RSB for JSW?

    I have no knowledge about the effect of lift and stiffer springs, as mine are stock. However, on my '14 JSW, TDI, MT6, I swapped the factory RSB (18 mm dia.) for a GTI bar (22 mm dia.) and that makes a noticeable difference to me (its a very easy swap!). The car definitely plows less, as the...
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    2014 JSW TDI 6MT Timing Belt Interval

    Car has 122k miles and VW info suggests change timing belt at 130k. My trusted local shop is concerned about going that long. Any advice?
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    Adding GPS to RCD510... the hard way

    I seem to recall that some company made a PC board to convert an RCD510 to add GPS. The board took the place of the CD changer, and required surgery to get it done. I suspect what you are asking is not practical.
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    FS: Mahle LX 1835 Air Filter

    NWFDUB: Remind us what the filter is for, and which cars it fits please.
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    Radio Upgrade suggestions

    Vincej: My '14 JSW, TDI, MT6 (no roof), came with RCD-510, and now has a late model RNS-510 (SSD). The RNS-510 has a lousy user interface and is slow, however I like having two nav units (RNS-510 & smartphone) running at the same time. I usually keep the RNS zoomed out so I can see the "big...
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    MK6 GTI Multifunction Steering wheel w/ bag

    Crusty: I've bought one already (not quite in my hands yet), so best wishes on the sale.
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    MK6 GTI Multifunction Steering wheel w/ bag

    Crusty: How about shipping to 35801? To be honest, I've got another one I'm chasing, but the conversation has been slow. Please advise.
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    RNS-510 V12 (2018) Map Update DVD

    Barry: DVD map update arrived yesterday and was very well packed. Thanks for the transaction. Now to do the update.
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    Back seat window deflector

    My take is that the car with a single window down a bit is like a whistle. By opening another window a bit (or the sunroof, if you have one) you change the tuning on the whistle. Ever blow across the top of a soda (or beer) bottle? It make a crude whistle.
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    Weathertech Window Deflector Problem

    I had a similar problem on the '14 JSW (auto reversing of driver window during the final half inch closing). But only sometimes. then it got to be every time, so I removed the driver Weathertech rain guard-the one I used most. Sigh. Much pondering and procrastination followed, and every time...
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    RNS-510 V12 (2018) Map Update DVD

    Barry: I'll take it. Please PM me, and we'll continue the dance.--george
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    Huge part out, TDI, RLine, Golf R, and GTI parts

    Picture of the steering wheel please, and what year is it for? I have a '14 JSW.
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    '14 JSW, TDI, MT6 (post fix) DPF replaced at 85K miles, extended warranty

    Recently the "glowplug" error light came on while on the interstate. I pulled off at an exit, shut it down and got out the owners manual. Seems the glowplug light also means engine controller problems. Restart, and the light is off, for another 100 miles or so. Next the glowplug light and...
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    2011 Sportwagen Radio Replacement

    SOLD!! tigercreek; I know you said you were looking for an aftermarket radio. However, if you change your mind, I have an RCD-510 (just like the one which died) for sale; it came out of my '14 JSW. See this link if interested:
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    FS: PolarFIS Advanced Multi Function Display

    Paul: I suggest edit the post, and change the subject to "Sold, PolarFIS..."
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    Wanted: Glove box door

    Sage: If you don't find one, they can be repaired if you are handy. I have a few pix, and can share, though its been several years since I did it.