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    Turbodiesels At High Altitudes

    We'll soon be leaving on a road trip to Colorado...west of Denver.There's a spot we intend to visit that's 14K feet above sea level and which isn't that far from Denver which,IIRC,is about 5K feet above sea level.I've never driven *any* car at anything *near* that altitude but I've read that...
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    Backward Compatability?

    Just curious about something....I'm close to buying an '06 Jetta TDI and am wondering if the VW 507.00 specification includes all of 505.01's specs and adds qualities of its own.IOW,can 507.00 be used in a vehicle where 505.01 is required? TIA!
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    Need Guidance-2006 Jetta TDI

    I'm seriously considering the above mentioned car for my daughter.Drove it yesterday and was quite pleased although it looked a bit rough because they hadn't put it through the shop yet.The service dept gave me a detailed printout of the vehicle's features (with option codes) but I'm unclear on...
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    REALLY Cold Weather

    Thinking seriously of taking my "d" to a town in northern Quebec next January.According to the town's website the typical low temp is -10F and -50F isn't unheard of.Any ideas/suggestions as to what I should do to prepare my "d" for the ordeal....coolant...fuel...fuel...
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    Renting a TDI

    Does anyone know of any companies (or,perhaps,dealerships) that rent Jetta TDIs? I've come up dry searching in the US.I'm looking for New England...CT,MA,RI. TIA!
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    Changeover To "Winter" Diesel

    Is there any reliable formula as to when diesel suppliers in various parts of the country start delivering "winter diesel" to their client stations? I'm new to diesel and have read that this is an important subject in cold regions like mine (New England).TIA.
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    A Refuelling Mishap

    Just took delivery of my '09 Jetta Sedan.Was refuelling today and,after having pumped about 3 gallons,I realized that it wasn't ULSD (15 ppm) but,rather,the 500 ppm variety.I immediately stopped and drove about a mile to a station that sells ULSD.I filled up to the top at that station.Now,I have...