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    AHU parts

    I plan to add stuff to this post as I'm needing to clear out my garage. I'll start off with -2 sets of injectors. Both came from running cars. Don't know mileage. Sold as cores for this reason. $100 a set shipped. -Canadian instrument cluster. I believe about 250000 kms on the clock. Don't...
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    WTB mk3 jetta tune and nozzles

    as title states, I am looking for a tune and nozzles for my 1998 jetta tdi. Nothing crazy. car is stock. I have stock injector assemblies and stock chips I can add to deal if that is beneficial. 3 sets of injectors and nozzles and 2 spare sets of factory chips.
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    VAG COM Rental Available

    I have a HEX CAN USB genuine Ross tech cable available for rent. Terms of rental Rental period is 2 weeks from date of receipt. Renter pays return shipping Damage/loss deposit of $300 via pay pal. Will be returned upon receipt of Vag Com in proper working order. Cost is $40 USD shipped in Canada...
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    ALH overboost

    So I have a stage 1 or 1.5 Malone tune. Just installed tune. and im getting an overboosting code and limp mode. ECU shows about 22psi boost. Tune calls for 18. My vanes are not sticky, but the actuator does not hold perfect vacuum. Would this cause my overboost condition? Intake manifold is clean.
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    HELP!!! What did I do electrically???

    Ok, 2003 Jetta wagon. I just installed a new double din head unit. As per a I cut the power feed from car harness and ran the wire to the 75x terminal. Now I have no horn, no windows...
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    MK3 AHU tuned chips

    sold please delete I have 2 sets of RC stage 3 chips. Was planning on keeping one set, but realistically the build im doing, im gonna need a custom tune. One set is RC3+. Was running it with stock turbo and PP764 nozzles. car was a beast. Smoked on spool up then cleared out and at WOT on top...
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    brake problem

    So my 2003 wagon seems to be having a brake issue. If the engine is off and i press the brakes the pedal is firm and does not sink at all. Once i start it up, the pedal is soft and will slowly go almost to the floor. If i pump the brakes a few times it will firm up the pedal, but will still sink...
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    FS ALH complete head & 10mm injection pump

    FS 10mm injection pump Price drop I have a perfect operating condition ALH 10mm injection pump. I swapped in an 11mm pump so i dont need this one. No leakage. Will come with pulley. Price drop on injection pump. $175 shipped
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    WTB MK4 Jetta Wagon suspension

    Looking for a cup kit or coilovers for my 2003 Jetta wagon. Willing to spend about $700 shipped to 58271 if in the states or R3J 3E4 if in canada. Thanks
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    FS Feeler 1998 Jetta TDI

    It is coming to the time that I will be leaving my MK3 era of cars and moving up to my new MK4 wagon. Initial feeler right now on cars value. Car is from BC, Canada originally. 350xxx kms on the clock.Dark Green color So about 218 miles. Body is very clean. No rust on exterior other than little...
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    mk4 jetta wagon suspension

    So I just finished doing the new engine swap to the 2003 wagon i picked up. swapped in a 5 speed at the same time. I think i am going to keep the car and sell my trusty MK3 Jetta TDI. BUT...This wagon need suspension in a bad way. Car has 220 kms on it but suspension is shot. Id like to lower...
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    WTB MK4 Jetta engine bay splash shields

    im looking for the plastic splash shields that go under the engine bay frame rails by the wheel wells. They attach at the bottom to the factory "skid plate". engine side for TDI ALH, and tranny side is same for all. Price shipped to 58271 if in the states and R3J 3E4 if in Canada. Must be in...
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    Partout 2001 MK4 Jetta

    i have a 2001 sedan im parting out. ALH came out of a 2003 with 220k kms on it. Was an auto. Engine was running very poorly. Could not track down what the issue was. Engine is still intact. Will part out. Tranny was shifting smooth. No issues there. Turbo gone. Shipping from canada. Shipping...
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    WTB 02J top tranny mount

    Please delete. One located locally.
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    testing #3 injector

    I tried doing some searching bit the answers seem to elude me. is there info on how to test the harness attached to the #3 fuel injector? where do the wires terminate? What kind of voltage/resistance values should I see?
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    New MK4 Jetta Wagon

    So I just picked up a 2003 Jetta TDI wagon today. 221k Kms. Mint interior, exterior needs a driver door for rust and rust repair on hood. otherwise very clean for year. Has an auto tranny, and a sick engine. Paid $1450 cdn. Brand new rubber all around, hitch, roof rack, loaded interior. Engine...
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    VNT Turbo setup

    So I purchased a GTB2056VL from JFetting a while back. finally getting around to dealing with it. I pulled the end housings off to inspect and clean. The hot side was pretty dirty but smooth moving. I am curious regarding if the vanes as moving as far as they should be. Fully open against...
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    Upgraded internals for AHU

    So my corrado project which is starting up again due to above freezing temps setting in. Yay!!! Its got me thinking about building up a block for the car. I have the AHU from my wrecked jetta ready to go in. But I have a stripped AHU block sitting on the floor. Would be nice to get everything...
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    Time for a new turbo?

    So I think my turbo is on its last legs. Have not used the car in over a week. took it out today and when loading up the turbo I hear a light whining, and when i let off the throttle it almost sounds like i have a boost relief valve. Thinking turbo is failing. Wondering what options I have for a...
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    Battery blanket to the rescue

    So I have not started my car in about a week. been off work. The temperature for the last few days has been hovering around -30*C. Yes it is possible. that is before windchill. Went to go start it today. has not been plugged in. It turned over once and that was it. Went and bought a battery...