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    Burnaby: new BioDiesel location

    Anyone know if any of these Autogas locations blend their biodiesel with ULSD or just plain LSD?
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    Vancouver TDI Owner roll call.

    1) Erik / Vancouverdieselgeek / Squamish, BC 2) Ed / Ed's TDI / Victoria, BC 3) Fred / VW Derf / Richmond, BC 4) Bert / Northerndreams / Delta, BC 5) Jeremy / Brando06 / Vancouver, BC 6) Tony / VW Petrolero / Vancouver, BC 7) Jason / cavuseeker / Redmond, WA 8) Peter / tdi_sport / Coquitlam, BC...
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    Rocketchip 3 chips for A3 Jetta with "JB" ECU

    Yes, very interested, will buy right away, just send you an email. Hopefully its not sold yet.:eek:
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    More power from pumping brakes

    I bought the stock one, and cant return it, special price. Didnt even know the vr6 one would fit? Learn somethig new everyday!
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    More power from pumping brakes

    Thank you for all the help guys, got a new master cylinder, now I have to find time to put it in. See if that will help.
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    97 TDi Jetta Bigger Turbo

    Rammstein, what exactly do you mean modifing the existing one? Does the housing stay the same, just different internals. How do they fit bigger internals in the same housing? Thanks. Stealth TDI, That is beautiful!
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    More power from pumping brakes

    Thanks Peter, good to know its not normal. I'm also starting to notice after pumping the brakes, when I keep pressure on the brake pedal, the pedal slowly sinks about an inch. Will have to investigate more.
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    More power from pumping brakes

    Peter, LOL, nice try . Its, weird, the brakes are fully released because when I stay at the slightest incline the car wants to roll the same way if I pump the brakes or not. I wonder if it has anything to do with the brake booster, after pumping the brakes, maybe there is less load from the...
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    More power from pumping brakes

    Changed my fluid about a year ago, but now that you mentioned the clutch, yes it feels better too after pumping the brakes, it also grabs higher. Sometimes the clutch will grab all the way at the bottom, then after pumping the brakes, it will grab higher. Checked out all my lines and no...
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    More power from pumping brakes

    Recently I noticed when standing at a red light and pump my brakes a few times, my car takes off much faster than if I didnt pump the brakes. It feels very peppy for 5 minutes or so, and the brake pedal is more sensitive too. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
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    97 TDi Jetta Bigger Turbo

    I have the same question for my 98 TDI.
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    Feeler: GVRD GTG

    I'm in for sure, the 14th sounds like will be fun.
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    Colt Cam Dyno numbers!

    Not sure what excactly broke as I haven't taken it appart yet. My first gear is gone, second makes terrible knocking noise, third is better than second but still knocks, fourth and fifth seem ok. Neutral with clutch engaged knocks too. This is a good opportunity for a peloquin, so I ordered...
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    Colt Cam Dyno numbers!

    The only evidence I kind of have at this time is my broken tranny! Guess I reached the limit of our 5 speed transmissions. This shocked me, I dont drive my car that hard, dont do burnouts, dont autox, no drag strips, I guess something had to go when I put out more than two times the stock...
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    Whats Normal Boost

    My A3, stock is 12 psi.
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    A3/B4 Upsolute FMIC group buy *Ended 5/14/2004*

    A3/B4 Upsolute FMIC group buy Even with the stock grille, I dont see much room there. How is the intercooler going to fit there, will there be any cutting required?
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    Lake Stevens Apr 24 Post GTG

    Yes, this was an awesome GTG. Loved the location, people, and TDIs. Thanks for having us over! Can't wait for the next one.
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    Lake Stevens April 24th -Canadians?

    Lake Stevens April 24th -Canadians? Count me in, 8:30 at the border sounds good, truck crossing maybe? This should be a lot of fun!
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    Yeah: CAR FOUND!!!!

    And I felt bad when they broke into my car, man, I cant imagine what a feeling it must be if it was stolen! Its great to hear you got her back, hopefully you can be on the road again soon. You remember the fun our cars had on the Biodiesel run to Seattle? Good to see her back in your...
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    Colt Cam Dyno numbers!

    Quadcomm, check your PM.