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  1. WindsorFox

    Manual trunk release

    Okay thi is EFFING STUPID!. My battery is dead and jumping does nothing. I can not work on ANYthing because my tools are in the trunk! I did a search and cam up with zero. Are you telling me there is NO way to open the trunk lid from inside??? That should be illegal!
  2. WindsorFox

    Weird occurance.

    So, I start to goto lunch and it starts but I get a yellow steering wheel light (air bag?) an ECS off light (car with skidmarks) and a flashing Tire pressure light. I turned it off and restarted and got the same. I then backed out and went forward and after about 10 feet of forward they all went...
  3. WindsorFox

    Switched 12 Volts

    Does anyone know if I can snag a connection from the sub-woofer in the trunk or is it passive? I've decided to upgrade my dash cam and plan to mount the older one on the back deck watching the idiots on my @$$ end. People ask "Why??" I say "because I've been backed into while sitting at a stop...
  4. WindsorFox

    Fog lights

    I bought a set of fog lights and did not read the tiny print well enough and this set is for the new Golf or the Jetta wagon. So they are for sale. I'll start with asking what I paid, $52 shipped. PM me if interested. Thanks!