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  1. LuckyBob

    Sirius Travel Link RNS-510 in Canada!

    So I received my new car yesterday and noticed not only is the Nav system much faster than the old one but it now has a weather overlay (Sirius Travellink). I'm fairly sure once the 3 month trial is over they will tell me I cannot subscribe in Canada. Anyone else in Canada successful in...
  2. LuckyBob

    ECU Problems

    Congratulations to me for being the first one in NA to require a replacement ECU. 3 Weeks and waiting. The dealer is doing what they can but it seems they are getting the run around as to when the thing will actually show. :mad: Actually I shouldn't say 3 it's only been 2 weeks since they...
  3. LuckyBob

    List of available VCDS features

    Wondering if someone could post a list of the available features which are not enabled from the factory such as the rain sensing wiper feature, gauge sweep etc. Thanks. :)