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  1. turbovan+tdi

    Any 02j internal gear experts here?

    That works as I need 1 and 2. Thanks.
  2. turbovan+tdi

    Any 02j internal gear experts here?

    Awesome, if I ever get the time, lol, I'll do it and post up the results. :D
  3. turbovan+tdi

    Turbo options

    VNT17, you can't go wrong for the price. If you want a lot more, then the GTB and VKLR turbo's are next and way more money. STuds aren't a bad idea if the head is coming off. If you are tuning it right away, then 3 bar makes sense. Better hope you have a good clutch.
  4. turbovan+tdi

    Don’t mess with your emissions

    That is true, but most don't, finance it etc, make stupid monthly payments. New vehicles are way over priced and too complex.
  5. turbovan+tdi

    Don’t mess with your emissions

    Yep. LBZ's have gone thru the roof. New truck prices are insane. My customer has ordered a 2021 Dmax dually, full load, close to 100K plus tax. That is f*Cking insane, for a truck. I don't get it. :confused: I bought an 02 Dmax, 2500HD, I am into it for 10K, I've had it for 3 years, has 400K...
  6. turbovan+tdi

    Vnt 17 rebuild?

    Usually turbo's blow oil out the turbine side. Was it a new turbo? There are no restrictors on our turbo's, they aren't ball bearing turbo's, so not sure what he's talking about.
  7. turbovan+tdi

    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    Call me stupid, but I don't understand what you mean that having south facing panels because the afternoon solar heat gains are the worst?
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    About to scrap this car I'm going daft

    Glad to hear!!! :D
  9. turbovan+tdi

    02 VW Golf tdi auto (FDB) valve body Q’s

    I've used TDI vb's in 2.0's and vice versa, no difference. I do turn up the line pressure 20 clicks though.
  10. turbovan+tdi

    PD100 terrible power

    If the IC has a hole, it will cause it to be sluggish as the MAF readings are off. Get into your data, put up boos requested vs boost actual and N75 %. What is your torsion value? How many miles? Its possible you have a cam going flat as well, or if it has a cat, could be plugged up.
  11. turbovan+tdi

    About to scrap this car I'm going daft

    Did you measure piston protrusion? If its still smoking, drop the dp and inspect for oil. If the cat is cleaned out, I'd venture to say your new turbo is toast.
  12. turbovan+tdi

    To Part or Leave Whole??

    Agreed, but I guess for him, that was the right choice. Around here, people would rather buy a ****box and spend 15K, than buy one for that price and enjoy.
  13. turbovan+tdi

    TQ rating Sach's SMF kit?

    I've found Valeo and Luks DMF specs, but can't find their's. Is the difference over the Valeo in the disc, clamping force or both? Thanks.
  14. turbovan+tdi

    To Part or Leave Whole??

    Downgrade, there was a guy selling a super hi po MK4 Golf locally, every bell and whistle for $15k. No one bought, he parted it out. :(
  15. turbovan+tdi

    Any 02j internal gear experts here?

    Thanks, I've done that, but I need to know I can use the internal gearing in the EUH trans, IE will it fit the gear shafts etc.
  16. turbovan+tdi

    Official list of HPFP Failures

    Start a post in the proper car area, this is for CR fuel pump failures.
  17. turbovan+tdi

    Any 02j internal gear experts here?

    I've been looking at rpms, gear ratio's etc, and I've come up with a hybrid trans. I've never had a VW trans apart but used to rebuild manuals, so that is not an issue. I have a 1.8T EHA trans and a 1.9 EUH trans. I want to use 1-2-3 from the EHA and put them in the EHU case. I find 1st gear is...
  18. turbovan+tdi

    EGR Cooler or Possible headgasket?

    If the coolant resovoir is black, head gasket. Go around the block, if the top rad hose is rock hard, head gasket. If you like heat, fix the EGR, it helps with warm up, especially in the city.
  19. turbovan+tdi

    Was quoted $800 for replacing tie rod assembly...

    If one is gone, I replace all 4. Labour is 210, parts are 95 a side, alignment is $100.
  20. turbovan+tdi

    Advice on upgrading brakes mk4->VR6

    15's and up will work fine, we didn't get 14's so not an issue!