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    How many of us are KEEPING our Mk7 TDI ?

    My wonderful spouse insisted we keep the car when the question arose, so we had the modifications done and accepted the check for the estimated added depreciation. As time goes by, the local dealerships seem to have lost track of the TDIs, and the extended warranty that went with the...
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    For SALE: Engine cover for MkVI Jetta

    FS: NOS Engine cover for MkVI Jetta - still in wrapper $50 No response -- thrown away ABDECKUNG - still in the original wrapper. Part Number 03L103925AM $216.00 on line - I'm selling for $50 plus shipping from northern Virginia. No longer have the car.
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    Where to purchase a shop manual ?

    I searched the forum -- I promise. Pray tell, where to purchase the service/shop manual ? I checked Bently and they only go up to 2006, and Haynes gave up the ghost around then. Looking for hardcopy in a binder. Thank you.
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    We changed from buy-back to fix and keep

    See my thread under "Emissions"
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    We decided to keep our car

    I learned just a few days ago, that EPA, CARB, and VW had reached agreement on what the fix would be for the Gen 3 cars (2015). Since these cars have the urea tank installed, the emissions compliance was relatively easier for VW to meet. CARB insists that the mileage and performance of the car...
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    Add Blue message will not stop

    Our '15 Golf has just over 10,000 miles, and the Add Blue message came on. I had a bottle of the stuff from the $500 parts/service goodwill card, and duly poured in the whole bottle (apparently the stuff has a limited shelf life, so is packaged as single use). So the question here is, I would...
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    Block heater availability ?

    I was able to find an OEM block heater for my 2011 Jetta. Anyone have a line on one for the 2015 Golf ? Thank you.
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    Engine pre-heater ?

    I sold the 2011 Jetta today via CarMax. Thanks to this site, I had located and installed the VW engine pre-heater. Loved it. Tomorrow I expect to pick up a 2015 Golf TDI SE DSG, and would like to install the VW engine pre-heater. Might a kind someone provide the part number(s) to install in...
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    Dealer says "Car not ready" for emissions test ???

    Took the car to Lindsay Volkswagen in Sterling, VA (where we purchased the car) to get the required two-year emissions check in order to renew the car's registration. Car has 18,437 miles, including 1,000 last weekend. The emissions guy said, "Sorry, the car isn't ready to perform the...
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    Why do diesels knock hard when cold ?

    My 2011 Jetta sedan, now that the weather is turning cold, when started cold, sounds like a traditional diesel with hard knocking sound until it gets warm, whereupon it returns to the smooth running engine it's been all summer. I'm just wondering about how a diesel functions, or this diesel in...
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    How do I remove the "insulation trough" ?

    I trying to get to the front of the engine, that is, between the engine and the radiator. I presume the top cover needs to come off, and I can easily remove the "splash" cover on the bottom -- I don't know to what they are referring when they say "insulation trough". Step one of the...
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    Engine heater ?

    I see some old threads about autonomous engine heat -- expensive -- worth it for those who did it. I see references to Webasto -- and current offerings by them would not seem to be useful to a passenger VW. Espar, on the other hand, makes a D5W that would appear to be, if a bit overkill...
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    Racks for '11 Sedan

    Though I haven't yet installed it, having had four-years' experience on our Prius gives me confidence in this set-up for the Jetta. A little background: My wife and I ride a 10'6" long Ryan-built Duplex recumbent tandem bicycle. We carry that on top in a long channel rack, the front of...
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    What's available for the 2011 Sedan ?

    I'm not used to being an early adopter. I purchased the 2011 Sedan LE w/6-speed manual (against the ratings of Consumer Reports) though I had read that the 2.0L 140 hp TDI was the same as before. Looking for an engine heater, and got excited by several threads here. Checked on Webasto --...