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  1. mike

    Bentley Or Other Workshop Manual For Q5?

    Looking for a shop manual for a Q5 tdi. Where to get one?
  2. mike

    What About CNG?

    Converting a Tdi to run on CNG.
  3. mike

    Random Shaking at Highway Speeds

    I have a 2003 Jetta GLS TDI 210,000+ miles. Need advice on a front end shaking at highway speeds that happens at random times. Sometimes I can drive 100's of miles no problems. But when shaking does happen, I slow down till stops shaking but then shakes come back at braking just before...
  4. mike

    DRivers Side Remote Lock Pin Button Flakey

    When I lock with the remote, the drivers side pin button sometimes does not go down so, drivers door remains unlocked but the LED flashes that it is armed. If I unlock then immediately lock, drivers side pin will then always go down. Anyone dealt with a door lock issue like this? From the...
  5. mike

    Help Battery Replacement - No Window Auto Up

    2003 Jetta GLS Tdi, OE Battery is dying. I picked up a Sears DieHard. Doesn't fit, physically it's 1 inch too long. What battery do you folks recommend. BTW after reconnecting the old battery my power windows no longer go auto-up. Does something need to be reprogrammed? I have an old Ross...
  6. mike

    center arm rest comfort padding shifted

    the foam padding under the upholstery of my center arm rest has somehow shifted. Such that now placing your arm on it from the passenger side you feel the hard plastic. The foam padding appears to be bunching up on the drivers side. How to remove the center arm rest upholstery to allow...
  7. mike

    ABS Light ON But VCDS Shows No Fault Codes

    ABS light randomly comes on and stays on. VAG Com / VCDS shows no fault codes under Engine, Instrument Panel or ABS Systems. But Meas block 3 under ABS shows fluctuating On/OFF. Car runs great except it beeps when ABS light comes on randomly about 5-10 min into drive then ABS light stays on...
  8. mike

    Help, Speedometer Stopped Working

    On my way into work this morning, I noticed the speedo was no longer registering any speed while moving. Odometer showed 136,325 miles but was not incrementing. Tach showed rpms fine. Cruise is not working either. Engine is strong, runs fine. Everything else in the car seems to be working...
  9. mike

    code P1248 -35 -10

    My 2003 Jetta GLS Tdi 130k miles is recently acting up. At Highway speeds letting up on the throttle causes the steering wheel to shake back and forth pretty bad but smooth if hit the throttle. I jacked it up and checked the ball joints/tie rods seems tight. Can't see anything else wrong...
  10. mike

    Recommend Good Cheap Fuel off I287 NJ

    I'll be traveling on i287 through NJ and thought I'd ask about good places to stop for fuel along the way. I heard NJ has some of the lowest prices. TIA
  11. mike

    Headlight Levler Wire Pass THru

    I'm requesting forum guidance on how to pass the headlight control wiring thru the firewall main wiring bundle on the drivers side in order to reach the light switch. It doen't seem long enough to go through the pass thru nearer the console. ANy advice/pictures on how to open that main bundle...
  12. mike

    Have You Checked the Price of Heating Oil Recently?

    As goes the price of D2, up, up, up, so goes the price of heating oil. only a few cents behind. Normally both are trending down this time of year. I shudder to think what this seasons oil heat bills will be... 250 gallons times $4.xx... Yikes!
  13. mike

    Seeking Homebrewer Boston South Shore

    Anyone homebrewer on the South SHore or Cape willing to show and tell a novice how it's done?
  14. mike

    Time To Put the TDI up on Blocks?

    I can not believe the price spread between RUG and D2 just overnight! I'm going to commute in the gasser and re-evaluate when/if these chaotic prices stabilize.
  15. mike

    Crude Oil Over $100/barrel "We should be looking at oil in the $120-to-$150 area by the end of the year without any major changes," said Peter Schiff, chief executive officer of Darien, Connecticut-based brokerage Euro Pacific Capital
  16. mike

    Used A3 Bentley Shop Manual 4 Sale

    Some pages have greasy fingerprints and some are dog eared but otherwise complete and in good shape with no tears or missing pages. Nothing compares to the quality of the factory authorized Bentley repair/service manuals. Asking $50.
  17. mike

    6 CD Changer w/VW factory harness interface

    Used 6 CD Panasonic CX-DP601EUL w/cartridge, Blitzsafe interface to factory VW harness and complete documentation. I used this in my 98 Jetta and most recently in my 2003 Jetta w/Monsoon. Both headunits controled all functions perfectly.
  18. mike

    Who is Home Brewing Bio in Acton/Boxborough/COncord?

    Might you be willing to show me the ropes?
  19. mike

    Ecode protection?

    Is there a recommended way to protect the plastic lenses of the Ecode from abrasion and grit of road wear? Or, are the plastic lenses maybe interchangeable with the DOT OEM lamps. I know other European cars have replaceable headlight glass feature.
  20. mike

    biodiesel tax credit irs form 8849?

    Can anyone out there explain the form(s) to files for this tax credit?