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  1. DannyboyUpstate

    Back in the TDI game! 2010 Touareg!!

    Back to my German-car roots again with a modern diesel. Pretty impressive technology on these engines. Especially with the emission systems. It's also my first non-pickup with a slush box. The tow rating is an impressive 7600lbs. Looking forward to seeing how it does with the car hauler hanging...
  2. DannyboyUpstate

    FS: BNIB OEM ALH Glowplug harness

    Brand New in Box. I only have 1 TDI left, and it has a brand new harness. Located in Albany, NY Buyer pays ACTUAL shipping or can meetup in Albany Area $50.
  3. DannyboyUpstate

    FS: Matco msc4r Heavy Duty Service cart

    Selling my service cart, retiring from my Dad's house garage and need to downgrade some stuff. This thing is pretty awesome. It's basically a small toolbox with a cart-top on it. The lock is messed up, but otherwise everything else in it is in good shape. Looks identical to this: RETAIL...
  4. DannyboyUpstate

    FS: New beetle trailer reciever

    sold 04/12/09
  5. DannyboyUpstate

    New Group In Albany, Ny And Surrounding Area!!

    See you there, ya' nerds!! :D
  6. DannyboyUpstate

    Who is REALLY good at Bentley wiring diagrams??

    OK... I'm down to 2 WIRES on my MkIV harness... I CANNOT find these 2 wires in the Bentley or figure out what they are... I dare someone here to! My head hurts from staring at wiring diagrams all day. :p GREEN INSTRUMENT CLUSTER CONNECTOR (T-32a) T32a/22...
  7. DannyboyUpstate

    Totally awesome! 2000 Jetta TDI 5 speed

    2000 Jetta TDI GLS 5 speed Silver mirror metallic with all black cloth interior and Jetta monster mats. Moonroof, power windows, power locks, cruise control that WORKS! 133k $9,500 with EVERYTHING minus the SDI intake/FMIC and nozzles. $8,500 completely stock on the snows. Trades considered...
  8. DannyboyUpstate

    HALP! Wiring MkII to ALH Harness

    OK, so the thought is, leave the MkII CE2 Wiring harness for all the regular vehicle specific stuff (headlights, battery, charging, interior, etc.) and use the MkIV TDI Beetle harness I pulled for the engine controls and instrument cluster etc. Here's what I have so far: :eek: Where I started...
  9. DannyboyUpstate

    MkII drive by wire pedal cluster

    Came out pretty alright for only the minimal amount of time invested. :D Thanks for checking out all my goofy junk guys. :)
  10. DannyboyUpstate

    WTT or FS Automatic starter for Standard starter

    I have a perfectly operational automatic transmission starter for a ALH TDI engine. I need one for a standard transmission. I'll trade mine straight up for yours or I'll take $85 OBO for the one I've got and I'll take the cash towards a new one. ;) Thanks fellas.
  11. DannyboyUpstate

    Oh, yes. It WILL stop. MkII content

    On my MkII ALH Coupe: Original brakes were MkII 8v OE single piston calipers with 9.4" rotors... New setup is from a Turbo Quattro Audi wagon. Girling 60 Dual pistons calipers with 11" Rotors Time for the rears... :p
  12. DannyboyUpstate

    Just checkin' in and showin' off... :P

    Headliner in new Jetta coupe ALH :D Close up of fabric: Car is coming along nicely. Sometimes you gotta take some time to goof off and enjoy the journey. ;)
  13. DannyboyUpstate

    Motor mount bracket... DONE! Harder then I thought.

    ALH into a MkII Jetta Coupe rear motor mount... Thanks to the dew: :D
  14. DannyboyUpstate

    Motor mount bracket... DONE! Harder then I thought.

    WHOOPS! Double post... someone delete this one.
  15. DannyboyUpstate

    WTB: 02J/A Transmission - Shifter box and cables

    As title states. Want to buy 5 speed transmission, shifter box and cables for a swap project. Will take all or some of the parts. Whatever you've got. Located in Albany, NY 12203. Will take long road trips for no reason. Well, the reason would be to pick up parts, but; basically I love to...
  16. DannyboyUpstate

    Big September Bbq At The Corning Preserve In Albany!

    Last year, I had a BBQ at my Father's house just outside Albany. Only ONE person from the TDIclub showed up. That's pretty wimpy. Lets see some more diesel involvement this go-round! Capital Area Volkswagen Audi club thread: Be there!! (I'll...
  17. DannyboyUpstate

    Anyone with a Kerma Q-loader wanna take me for ride??

    I'm interested in seeing how an ALH Jetta or Golf goes with a Kerma tune and some nozzles. Anyone within a couple hours of Albany have this setup and want to take me for a ride? I'll buy lunch/dinner? ;) Danny
  18. DannyboyUpstate

    hahaha FAIL!