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  1. WutGas?

    Oklahoma Member! Hope you're safe!

    Scary stuff. Went a mile south of me. It's like a war zone around here. I hope all my fellow Okies are safe!!
  2. WutGas?

    Carbon Dioxide Levels hit 400ppm

    Link deleted. Thoughts?
  3. WutGas?

    Just messing around - MK5 Jetta - Translucent Hood

    Thought this turned out pretty cool.
  4. WutGas?

    Pep Boys Sale - 5 liters / oil filter for 32.99 (includes ESP)

    Just wanted to throw this out there. Someone else posted it in another thread, but just in case some people don't see it. Coupon for Mobil 1 / Oil Filter for 32.99. This coupon states on it that it includes ESP. It says 1 coupon per customer but I was able to do it as many times as I wanted...
  5. WutGas?

    Worlds Smallest Petro Engine

    Pretty amazing if you ask me... Imagine the possibilities...
  6. WutGas?

    Tiguan Hybrid

    Are these rare? I saw one at the dealership being driven by a salesman. Didn't think about it until I left, but I didn't think I had heard anything about them. Now I get home, and I am not seeing too much information on them.
  7. WutGas?

    How much does wind play into MPG?

    First, let me say that this was just a little experiment I did. It actually means nothing but I found it interesting none the less. So the other day, it was very windy in OKC (even by our standards). We were having 30-40mph winds blowing straight north. I thought it would be fun to see what...
  8. WutGas?

    Opti-Lube Group Buy - Free shipping on gallons

    From what I am being told, there isn't much margin on Opti-Lube products, however the guys at Diesel Fuel Lubrication have offered free shipping on the gallon products. After some back and forth emailing with some of the members here, they have created a page for the members of TDIclub to order...
  9. WutGas?

    Name change?

    Name change? Done and Thanks! Is there a way to get my username changed to WutGas? with the question mark
  10. WutGas?

    Disable Alerts on the RCD-510 - HOW???

    Throughout ownership, I have added tons of Alerts on the Sirius radio. How do you delete those Alerts once you don't want them to pop up anymore? Songs that are 2 years old that I used to want to hear continue to pop up. Anyone know how?
  11. WutGas?

    OnCue Express Diesel? What do you guys think?

    Not sure how far OnCues stretch around the country, but I have one opening up very close to me. I love this convenience store as they have a very wide selection of just about everything. I have recently contacted them to find out when the store in question would be opening, if they would be...
  12. WutGas?

    Anyone else get these cars confused?

    Anyone else get these cars confused? Just curious I was thinking about this the other day, and thought I would ask if I am the only well as see what else everyone gets confused from distance. For instance, from a distance in the rear, if I see an older Hyundai Elantra.... I...
  13. WutGas?

    First Road Trip - OKC to Savannah, GA to Cocoa Beach, FL

    I am leaving this Friday for a long road trip. Plane tickets were just too expensive this year, so my daughter and I decided to make the trek in the Jetta. Actually looking forward to it. We will be leaving here (OKC) and driving to Savannah, GA (1,100 miles). Staying in Savannah for a couple...
  14. WutGas?

    Metric Motors - Edmond, OK

    I received a tweet from Metric Motors about servicing my VW. I did a search on here and found some results from 2009 but wanted to see if anyone has had their car serviced there and how they feel about them. Looking on BBB they have an A+ rating.
  15. WutGas?

    Anybody keep a jerry can at all times?

    So, I have been thinking of always filling up a jerry can and keeping it in the trunk and making it part of my fueling ritual. Gallons in the tank, 5 gallons in the jerry can. I would just like the added distance and if I can keep a 5 gallon jug in the trunk...why not? It would give me added...
  16. WutGas?

    Which Vag-Com / VCDS and what else do I need?

    2010 Jetta Sedan TDI. What all do I need and what else do I need for it to work? I am pretty sure I know the answer since I don't see anything about Mac but do they not work on Mac? That will be another issue all it's own. I have a copy of Parallels that I can use on the Mac. Has anyone done...
  17. WutGas?

    Oklahoma GTG? Anyone interested?

    Attendees: T.J.K. Tulsa (Lewis) arneeche Rickstah ZiggyTheHamster Meeting Place Suggestions: Hideaway Pizza in Tulsa Rock Cafe in Stroud Rock Cafe in Stroud - June 9 / Gonna shoot for this date. Who is in? Only one confirmed so I am guessing this date won't work.
  18. WutGas?

    Streaming BT-Audio through head unit - BT-Audio button not selectable...

    Firstly, I posted this on Vortex too so if you see it twice, my apologies... :) Been doing a lot of reading, but none of it seems to answer what I am trying to find out. I have a 2010 Jetta TDI with the touchscreen stereo (no nav). Can't remember the model # and I can't check it right now...
  19. WutGas?

    Navy MK4 - South OKC - Penn and 104th Intersection

    Just checking to see if you are member.
  20. WutGas?

    Would you change the oil?

    Bought my 2010 Jetta TDI at a Honda dealership. Sounds strange, but it was exactly what I wanted. Anyway, they had their sticker on there that they changed the oil, with the standard 3,000 miles till next oil change is due mileage. Would you all go ahead change the oil to make sure it meets...