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    Any hope for eventually de-lobotomizing the driver assistance package?

    So, basically on a US 2015, the only thing your $800 or so Driver's assistance package gets you is part assist, which is actually not bad, but does anyone know if there will ever be ways to enable some of the other stuff (in particular, adaptive cruise and maybe automatic emergency braking) via...
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    Question about stalling a Mk7

    So, I'm (probably) going to be buying a 3-pedal Mk7 tomorrow. This will be my first manual car, and I have about a 100 mile drive home from the dealer. It's almost all highway though. I remember reading that the mk6s were a bit annoying in that even with the clutch depressed they would not...
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    2012 Golf TDI visits Tail of the Dragon

    (Click for full size)
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    Really using the TDI in anger

    So I have a pair of road trips coming up in the next two weeks - chasing my favorite band (The Drive-By Truckers) as they do a series of shows in the SE. Going to also get the oppurtunity to really put the TDI through it's paces on some of the nation's best back roads. First Trip: Eastern NC...
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    TDI 101 being abused

    TDI 101 seems to be becoming basically the entire forum, using the logic of "more people will see it, why should I actually post it in the proper section?" Some of them are just ridiculous, asking about heavily modified cars, specific models and model years, etc. For an actual potential owner...
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    Hide stickies?

    Is there any way to hide stickied posts? Especially annoying in TDI 101 - there are 13 stickies in that forum, pushing actual threads down well off the first page.
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    So, 7 weeks and 4100 miles later...

    I'm still really digging my Golf! In the last 9 days I've driven 1500 miles. Was on course for a 600 mile tank coming back from Maryland today. Didn't make it though...cheaped out and filled it at ~450 miles, just north of the VA/NC border, since D2 is about 30 cents cheaper.
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    My 2012 Golf

    Nice pic of my new Golf - been waiting for some good weather to snap some good pics - shot out of in the country near Bethel, NC. (Click for bigger)
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    DashCommander / Kiwi

    So I bought and one of the kiwi wifi dongles to use with my iPhone. Bought the DashCommander app. Seems to be unable to to provide most of the interesting readouts, things like the MAF sensor and fuel flow. Does this stuff not work well with VWs?