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    B4 Reverse Idler Gear Replacement Help SF Bay Area

    I bet the spring for the reverse fork is broken.
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    Mk3 keyless entry boxes & fobs

    1HM 937 045 Q x2 1HM 937 045 M x2 2 FOBs in good condition. Sorry, Tx ID #'s rubbed off. No idea if they are clarion or other. But they worked with the car when I pulled the boxes. $100 CDN plus shipping. IM please
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    Sold to good home
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    Rebuilt k14 and manifold also included
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    Please listen to your gut
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    ......and oem roof bars with a basket
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    I forgot I added a euro headlight/fog light switch recently. I also forgot to mention the airbag delete mod.
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    False. We had a dialogue in pm's here on the board. He posted that when I apparently failed to respond to him in a timely manner. Numerous attempts? Nope. Several mediums? Nope. Just impatient.
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    Well that was uncalled for.
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    SEM bumper paint.
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    1995 AAZ Passat Wagon

    It's currently registered as a BC vehicle. Offered for sale in "as is, where is" condition This car needs a headgasket replacement. I suspect I overboosted it. White smoke out the back and making pressure in cooling system. I built this car in BC and brought it with me when I relocated here...
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    Cannot get to timing screen on VAGCOM?

    Something about setting "readiness" comes to mind.....
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    1997 Passat Wagon TDI - wrecked

    Out of curiosity, what size of spacer are you using on those wheels?
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    WTB: AAZ B4 Instrument Cluster

    Metric please.
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    Toe woes

    So I swapped in a VR6 ZF steering rack into my AAZ B4. I've swapped these racks into all of my B3 syncros. No trouble. However this time, I'm toed way in. The steering arms are bottomed out into the rod ends. I have no more adjustment. Do 4x 100 B4's have different knuckles than the classic...
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    WANTED: B4 Passat OEM Springs and Inside RH Door Handle

    want some wagon ones? I just installed racelands.