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  1. Tim Birney

    faulty lift jack provided by VW

    Just exactly the setup I went with. I hope to never use it, but you don't know when you may have to use it.
  2. Tim Birney

    Jetta TDI Flashing PRNDS Display

    RossTech makes the VAG-COM Diagnostic Cable. You can get the setup with a USB connection, or with a Com Port connection for use with a laptop Computer. Once you purchase the Cable, updates to the Diagnostic software are FREE.
  3. Tim Birney

    Help! Electrical issues with my 06 Jetta

    Many of the things that you noted could be related to the Wiring from the Driver's side door to the "car" itself. Known issues with this...
  4. Tim Birney

    Cruise control not working, no light.

    Similar, or the same post as on the VWVortex. Same answer from me... have the Dealership/Shop fix the issue.
  5. Tim Birney

    Rear Running Light

    Wiring issues, left side, may be your problem. You could have a wire loose in one of your connectors. Have you made any modifications to your Tail Lights, I.E. LED Tail Lights? I just re-read your post, and it seems the Left Side is failing Diagnostics, and showing your Fault...
  6. Tim Birney

    activate both rear fogs

    1.) you do not have 2 (two) Rear Fog Lights 2.) you can hay-bail a wire from the Driver's side Rear Fog Light to the "other" Rear Fog Light If you installed one. 3.) if you installed a second Rear Fog Light, get rid of it. 4.) The Rear Fog Light is for other cars behind you... it allows them to...
  7. Tim Birney

    Can you remove A pillar airbags?

    Definite YES! Screw your Vehicle over, under, sideways DOWN. Get your purse out to fix up your mess.
  8. Tim Birney

    good dealers service experience

    Ralph Thayer, Livonia, MI has always been good to me. I've been good to them also. I showed their Techs how cut the DSG Fluid change time in half, and I now get some preference in shop time, if I need it. ;)
  9. Tim Birney

    List of side windows that will fit a 2004 Jetta?

    2003, 2004, Early 2005 VWs (MKIV) will fit to your car. P.S. This the MKV Forum. Our windows will not fit to your car.
  10. Tim Birney

    06 Jetta speedometer problem

    2005.5/2006 Jetta. 75 MPH indicated is 72 MPH. 50 MPH indicated is 47 MPH. 40 MPH indicated is 37 MPH.
  11. Tim Birney

    Pulled over 2x in a week speedo off

    Get a newer Model GPS
  12. Tim Birney

    Slowed my 2010 jetta tdi down to 65mph and millage skyrocketed

    65 MPH (actual, or indicated?) 65 MPH in your 2010 will probably be 70-72 MPH.
  13. Tim Birney

    DSG recall

    2009-2010 Model years. Per the OP's Link.
  14. Tim Birney

    Help bought an 06 TDI what now

    1st step is to get an Owner's Manual. Follow all of the instructions on Miles, and Maintennance. Then DO IT! 2nd step is normal inspection of the Tires, Brakes, and all of the fluid levels, and possible Fluid replacements, including ALL FILTERS. 3rd Step (which is contrary to most folks on...
  15. Tim Birney

    Glow Plug light flashing

    Please have your car Scanned with a VAG-COM. See this link, and input your ZIP CODE to find an owner of a VAG-COM HEX-CAN-USB/-COM cable.!-Owners-pm-me-your-info-requested-in-the-thread
  16. Tim Birney

    First oil and DSG filter change

    You sound like I did back in the day... Keep it up. While you have the "fire" inside, track down Racor Biocide, Part Number ADT2116F. Get it in a quart bottle. Algae can contanimate your Fuel system. One half of an ounce every 6 months can save you many headaches.
  17. Tim Birney

    Pulled over 2x in a week speedo off

    You have a 2010 Chassis. The true MKV (2009, and below) has a 3 MPH variation of true speed. I.E. 75 MPH is an actual 72 MPH. Triple checked with a GPS.
  18. Tim Birney

    Pulled over 2x in a week speedo off

    75 indicated on your Speedometer is 72 in real time. What is your issue? (Whoops, your 2010 Jetta may be quite different than a 2005.5/2006 in respect to the Speedometer) You do need a portable GPS, and document what is what in regards to your actual speed.
  19. Tim Birney

    Vag Com Question

    3 blinks to 5, not going to happen... You have Auto Window Roll-up in Rain (Rain Closing Windows).The First click on the Wiper Stalk. This will service your Delayed wipers also. 2nd click and above will kill all other related features.
  20. Tim Birney

    Anyone know a place to get the best price on Side Skirts for my MKV Jetta TDi??

    Answered in the VW Vortex per your post on that Forum.