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    anyone using the bio-diesel pump in Strasburg, PA?

    They have closed that station, I don't know the reasoning, but I have one of their cards and they sent out a letter stating that the station was closed indefinitely. In order to get fuel there, you have to have one of their cards.
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    This company cleans our DPF's!

    Here in The People's Republic they wrote DIESEL in the space for catalytic converter and scratched through it on the 99.5, lol.
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    **Bad VW part vendor WARNING list**

    hans auto parts Another one from Rothenbacker. Found this looking for an oil pump for my wife's 1988 90. :rolleyes:
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    MD State Inspection...

    I've never had a problem with inspectors out here in Harford county. The inspector that did mine even crossed out the catalytic converter section and wrote DIESEL in large letters there, lol. I would do brakes and struts on a car, seems they like that and don't throw the book at you. Make sure...
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    prothe - VW parts vendor ??

    Prothe is a REAL piece of work. When I was looking for an AAZ head for my project I skimmed eBay for one. I saw one on there under one of his aliases and I asked where it was made, it had German writing on it. He relied Asia, why not just say China? Shady.:mad:
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    Dirt Cheap Unwanted B4VVVVVVVVVVVVV For Sale

    You should have seen my wife's 90 when we got it, duct tape on the wiper arm because he wasn't mechanically inclined. :confused: Couldn't figure out how to change the damn thing, lol!
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    Exhaust work...

    These folks have done a few exhausts for me.
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    Things I learned this weekend

    car54's day got even worse after you left. All of the fuel return lines on my car cracked, luckily we had the b0rked Jetta there to scavenge off of. Then my car didn't want to prime. Today it lost prime again so I took off the fuel filtre and it was LOOSE!! I did learn how to reseal a pump on...
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    New 2013 TDI SE/DSG/sunroof

    Congrats! Also, good point, but there is a thread completely dedicated to active regenerations, or "burn-off cycles," as you put it. :cool:
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    CL rant

    I've gotten quite a bit off CL as well. Most of the supplies to build the garage, LOTS of furniture and even a whole running and driving AAZ equipped Golf for $500. I built the garage using 3/4" plywood for less than the cost of 7/16" OSB. ;)
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    How restrictive is the stock MK4 muffler?

    I wish I did. My car spent the first 150,000 in New York city so I don't know how much full throttle it got. There was about 1cm of soot laying in the bottom. When I cut the exhaust and remounted it for side exit it hacked out a sootball that would make a big rig jealous, lol.
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    How restrictive is the stock MK4 muffler?

    I dunno how restrictive they are, but I chopped mine out and then apart after 200,000 miles and it was loaded with soot. It weighed in at 10 kgs.
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    mk4 parts - garage clean out, sold the NB

    I'll take the frost heater and phatbox.
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    Goodbye ECOdiesel - totaled while parked @ 429,466 miles

    Another green one gone forever. :(
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    ok to empty gas jug and refill with diesel?

    Psst, it's a PD, you can use the lift pump to prime the filtre. ;)
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    New to TDI

    If it has the original N75 valve that might need changing.
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    RyanP's 02M 6 Speed Tranny Conversions for VW Golf Mk4 (A4)

    I got my 9mm 12 point at SEARS, it was the only place other than off the Snap On or Matco truck to get one. Most places only carry 6 point and you need a 12 for the clutch/flywheel.
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    T-Shirt Logo Reveal?

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    B100 in Mid-Ohio?

    Jatro diesel is in the south west area. They have a really interesting new process. They have B100.
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    Fire @ Biodiesel Plant

    I called Soy Energy in Pa Thursday and their plant suffered the same fate, it was a total loss. They said they didn't know when they'd be back in production either.