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  1. DucMike

    Single DIN in-dash CD radio installed today

    No; he and I are very familiar with one another. Had him set up the pre-out on my unit. He was not comfortable with doing the LEDs since he had nothing there to compare color temperature to. Was hoping for someone who had already done this for a VW since they would have a better idea of exactly...
  2. DucMike

    Single DIN in-dash CD radio installed today

    Zombie thread indeed. Just installed what I assume is the same deck in my Mk3 (his photos aren’t showing up for me) but mine looks like this. Only problem is my display lights up in red. I was interested in this Chubbs Auto that was mentioned by OP and info on the changing of the illumination...
  3. DucMike

    Unlock/lock European sound

    Got mine off eBay if memory serves. Used this thread for install info...
  4. DucMike

    Illuminated VW steering wheel ??????

    Girlfriend's '12 3.6 SE had the backlit switches & everything still worked after swapped in the '15 GLI wheel.
  5. DucMike

    What did you do to your car today?

    Are you talking about that Homelink/auto-dim/compass model they recently came out with? That should've come with a harness that runs down to the headlight switch (though I did cut mine off & run it to the domelight assy. on my Mk3).
  6. DucMike

    For those who have Upgraded to the OEM VW NAVI

    There was a procedure like that. I made one to load my discs, then loaned it to a guy who never got it back to me. Not sure what version discs you're planning on using but iirc, the latest updates from NavTeq no longer requires that extra step. Of course, the latest updates are quite a few years...
  7. DucMike

    Drivers side power window switch interchangable?

    For the record; that driver's side switchpack will interchange between any (4-door) MkIV Golf, MkIV Jetta or B5/5.5 Passat.
  8. DucMike

    Boxster front brake upgrade

    True. Since I didn't have to increase the diameter of my rotors, I'd say mine was about 50/50 bling to bang. Of course, getting the calipers for $100 didn't hurt any.
  9. DucMike

    Boxster front brake upgrade

    I'm running these on my 20th and they fit like a charm. Of course, my knuckles had bolted-on carriers, but other than that... :rolleyes:
  10. DucMike

    I think I fixed my water leak....

    Well, I guess it's time to fix my leak... Thank you citizen of Oakland. Came out after seeing Kraftwerk (amazing show btw!) to find this awaiting. Nothing taken, and I was one of about 7 or 8 cars that were hit. Cold drive home. Thankfully, I was able to get some bodyshop sealing sheet over...
  11. DucMike


    Fwiw, I'm running a set of Boxster calipers on my '03 20th using brackets I sourced from PureMS.
  12. DucMike

    MFD Navigation and DSP, who still has this setup?

    And yes; my DSP amp still works. Currently, I need to get the FIS display in my cluster swapped to it'll be worth it to finish up my TMC box & harness install. Alphabet soup I tell's ya.
  13. DucMike

    MFD Navigation and DSP, who still has this setup?

    I started out using some of the old VW accessory speakers (p/n 1J0-051-608-A) from way back when, then when one of those blew, I was sourced a pair of the proper ones once I was given the correct p/n's.
  14. DucMike

    Anybody added insulation under the headliner on A4w/sunroof?

    That sounds like the most logical option. I know that the Dynamat's weight will probably make it droop when heated over time. Might have to look into your suggestion when I pull mine to fix a dent.
  15. DucMike

    For those who have Upgraded to the OEM VW NAVI

    Bumped back from the grave: I was (finally!) ordering a replacement set for my navi last week & was politely told by the Navteq rep that the 7B discs for the earlier Touaregs have come to the end of the road, so to speak. The last update seems to be 2010 & there don't seem to be any further...
  16. DucMike

    Power Seats and Memory Mirrors

    Just over a year later & I'm finally back. I managed to get my module from a buddy (p/n 3B1-959-760-D, s/s to an E) & found a partial pin-out for the module here. Past this, I'm still looking for the wiring info. As to the programming; he has a simple push-button switch under the dash to 'set'...
  17. DucMike

    Euro Bora Grille install questions. Hole in corners?

    I don't see anything listed in the ETKA for that area. Anything headlight-related located behind those spots?
  18. DucMike

    Automatic folding mirrors, installed, PICS/MOVIE

    I've got a 'junk' non-power housing at home. I'll see if I can strip it down further & get a pic of it up here.
  19. DucMike

    Automatic folding mirrors, installed, PICS/MOVIE

    Project one a few years back went fine; time for project two. Does anyon know which half (base or 'flag') needs to be from a power-folding-equipped car? I've been tossing around the idea of whipping up a set of folding Mk3.5 Cabby mirrors for my Mk3 & was wondeing if I'd need to source some...