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  1. woofie2

    The Light truck market

    Lacking the Amarok, or a legitimate VW option... So I have been looking at the 1500 series diesel tucks, (yes, I know they can be had bigger(2500/3500), but I drive it daily, and there are smaller(Canyon/Colorado) need the space and hauling) Dodge Ecodiesel is king in this space, largely...
  2. woofie2

    FS: MKVI OEM LED tinted Tail lights /w fog

    Forsale- My MKVI R-Line OEM LED tails, with fog lights and wiring Adapters. Color is Dark Cherry or Tinted ? They are deep red. sold Require Euro switch /w trigger wire and Vagcom coding. sold as is. Paypal only, shipped in lower 48 USA, anywhere else shipping will be added.
  3. woofie2

    Golf fuel mileage differance

    I noticed, a 3-4 MPG difference over a 200 mile trip (same route, same 200 miles of roads, similar weather, (within 2-3*F) same time of day similar traffic, AC off, temperatures have been pretty constant, with highs in the 100's and lows in the 80's, all trips were made at night, 6:30-11 PM) I...
  4. woofie2

    Study Shows Diesel Engines Recuperate Extra Cost Quickly

    I stumbled onto this article- In a study released at the Washington Auto Show, the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business showed that purchasers of diesel engines could recuperate the extra cost of their...
  5. woofie2

    VW 9W3 Bluetooth Install Kit

    Includes: VW 9W3 Bluetooth module, OEM Wiring Splice, Microphone and antenna For MKVI vehicle with white cluster display. $350 shipped All parts new and in good working order, but for this sale they are considered used and therefore sold as is. Shipping is done VIA UPS, FedEx or USPS and...
  6. woofie2

    2010 TDI stumbling problem

    I have a Golf TDI with a stumbling problem, I was wondering if anyone else had the issue or similar problems, My car will seem to miss or stumble when driving at a constant speed, such as 30 MPH in 3rd gear. Only when maintaining a constant speed. It seems to be worse when driving up a...
  7. woofie2

    Automatic hatch open

    anyone thinking of doing an automatic hatch open mod? I am trying to source two each of these parts- 6Y0 827 550 C (Skoda Fabia gas springs) and possibly the 1K8 827 761 C (Scirocco spring loaded bumpers, to give the hatch a little helper to spring open)
  8. woofie2

    Diesel Truck Engine Made With Barely Measurable Emissions
  9. woofie2

    Gretchen, Woofie2's 2010 golf

    Welcome my new Golf TDI- This is the replacement for Jenny, my 2003 Jetta TDI who died tragically- ordered it in August, and got it last week, Gretchen - 2010 Golf TDI - Shark Blue 3-petal option 6-speed manual Monster mats Clear bra 30%...
  10. woofie2

    Various parts and upgrades

    Parts off or compatible with my 2003 Jetta TDI, most are universal over the MKIV body. (VW bought the car so it's not a part out, just the mods that were not on the car at the time of fire) More and Other parts coming soon and pictures upon request. MKVI parts for a 2010 golf. Parts- OEM...
  11. woofie2

    Automatic to Manual conversion

    Does anyone know of any Write-ups on how to convert an 02m to an 02J car? I have two cars and want to swap but not sure about how involved it would be.
  12. woofie2

    WTB cluster for 2003 Golf/Jetta

    Found one thanks
  13. woofie2

    VW dealer Question

    So I had my car in to the Auffenburg VW dealer for the third time in a week to get the A/C Blower Fixed. This is the second time the Blower motor and Resistor pack went out. The first time they said the motor got old and failed, the second they said the motor was bad. The problem is that...
  14. woofie2

    Life after an inland Hurricane

    Things have been crazy here, Friday we had a "MesoCyclone" AKA an inland hurricane. with sustained winds of 106 MPH, lots of trees are down, along with structural damage and powerlines. Things are a mess but they are getting better, I have some pictures, but they are not as good as these- More...
  15. woofie2

    So Ill Diesels (Southern Illinois)

    This is for those of us who live south of Springfield-Champaign (Interstate 72) Even though traditionalists say Southern Illinois is defined as south of Highway 50 or interstate 70. I live in Cambria, work in Carbondale, and visit my parents in Benton Regularly (weekly) As I have been...
  16. woofie2

    Error 18062, could it be chip related?

    I have one falt code and can not figure out if it is serious or not, acatually can not find any information on what could cause an 18062 Is it related to my rocket chip? 2003 Jetta 75k miles, Rocket chip ASV Euro stage2+ Address 01: Engine Labels: None Part No: ROCKETCHIP...
  17. woofie2

    Stock turbo outlet hose

    I have a problem, and don't know if there is an upgrade or where to get a stock replacment other than the dealer. My turbo outlet hose is damaged, due to an installation error resulting in it rubbing on the drive shaft and pulling the lower intercooler plumbing I had installed off. does...
  18. woofie2

    FS: MKIV GLI Lowering Springs

    I have a set of GLI Lowering springs for an MKIV car. these are used (7k miles) off a 2004.5 Jetta GLI should work on any MKIV Car, Jetta or Golf 1999.5-2006 I will get pictures and color codes posted soon. I was going to use these with a set of Koni FSD struts, but decided I needed...
  19. woofie2

    This guy needs more VW TDI suggestions

    One recent road trip from Portland to San Francisco with our son and all of his accessories (portable crib, toys, blankets, stroller, etc) has convinced me that I'm going to have to upgrade from my beloved Civic Hybrid. While we survived the cross country move with the tiny trunk space (10 cu...
  20. woofie2

    Modded TDI's, any adjustments for racing

    I was wondering what guys suggested doing to the stock hardware for Racing. Jeff mentioned the CCV not being able to handle the blow-by during hard racing and a potential problem with the stock turbo getting oil starved. Does anyone change their IQ for racing? Typically on the street I am...