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    FS: 2000 Jetta Sedan TDI GLS 5spd Manual - $4000

    Post Updated 4/9/19: 2000 Jetta Sedan GLS - Black w/Leather interior 1.9 TDI - ALH 5spd manual 240k miles Timing Belt: Last T-belt performed at 185,174miles with DieselGeek parts kit at Meyerhoff Auto Haus in Austin Texas in Nov 2010. Supporting paperwork included with car. Upgrades: Sprint...
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    Is it supposed to do this, and can it be changed?

    2012 JSW 6MT 2 issues I’m wondering about: 1. In the top right of the display there’s a little box that indicates that the computer would like me to shift. Basically if I’m any higher than 1400rpm it wants me to shift up. Anything below ~1000rpm it wants me to shift up. It’s annoying that the...
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    WTB: Mk6 JSW PanzerPlate, seat drawers, roof rack, etc.

    Just bought a 2012 JSW, in search of some items. Maybe someone that did buyback still has some clutter they’d like to clear out. If shipping is prohibitive I like having excuses to make/take road trips. Items I’m looking for: 1. Panzer Plates (2) - to fit mk5 Jetta/mk6 golf/JSW. Looking for 1...
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    The Self Healing Jetta

    2003 Jetta Sedan (ALH) Auto to Manual swap done at 214k Water pump and associated pulley exploded at 237k. Good news, the gf knew to kill the engine ASAP. Had it towed to a shop and basically got a timing belt job 30k early. (Previous one done by PO at 167k according to records.) So I got off...
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    Yet another suspension question

    Ok, so I've searched high and low, both here and VW Vortex, and can't find quite the info I'm looking for. What I have: 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition (GLI suspension, 18" wheels, 225/40 R18 tires) I'm currently at 163k miles, planning ahead to do a complete suspension refresh at 200k miles...