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  1. Wisconsinwagen

    Us car makers can't make diesel cars by law???

    GM figured out belly aerodynamics. Look at the underside of a ZR-1 Corvette. The problem is they are still stuck in the mindset that they can give the people one or two different options for alternative vehicles, and we'll be happy with that. I really think if they want to survive, they need to...
  2. Wisconsinwagen

    Us car makers can't make diesel cars by law???

    I was at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday. I got to the GM exhibit where they were showing off the new VOlt. I was talking to some of the guys I came with about hybrids and one asked why no one has done a diesel hybrid yet, and I said that VW was working on it but nothing official. Because the...
  3. Wisconsinwagen

    My view of the fest

    Well I just got home, it's late, and I've got a lot of thoughts running through my head that I feel I better get typed before I forget them. First off, this was my second TDI Fest. It was closer to home, which was nice. Overall, I think the organizers did a pretty good job. The speakers were...
  4. Wisconsinwagen

    Room sharing

    Would you? I need to know today, or I may not be coming at all.
  5. Wisconsinwagen

    Room sharing

    I guess I still need a room now, so anyone that wants to share. I'll do Motel 6. Just leave the lighton for me. :D
  6. Wisconsinwagen

    Movie Night!

    I have every episode of Top Gear, every episode of the Simpsons up thru season 17 if they're needed. But I'd be up for watching anything.
  7. Wisconsinwagen

    Room sharing

    Oilhammer, I completely forgot to confirm with you. I'll take that extra bed. I just bought some industrial strength earplugs.:D But what's your beverage of choice, cuz I'll need to get some.
  8. Wisconsinwagen

    Room sharing

    If you can put up with getting beat over the head with a pillow because you're snoring. :D
  9. Wisconsinwagen

    Room sharing

    Wanted: Scantily clad women who enjoy sweaty pillow fights looking for an extra body to stay in their room that would also partake in sed pillow fights.:D I wish. But really, I just realized that like an idiot, I forgot to book myself a room, so if anyone has an extra bed they'd be willing to...
  10. Wisconsinwagen

    Best stateside 1/4 mile time?

    I'm just wondering what the best 1/4 mile time anyone in North America has run with a TDI? I'm sure it's deep into the 14s, but I haven't been able to find any listings on the forum. JasonTDI and I have decided we're going to try to get my car to 14.99 on the stock turbo. It's something I...
  11. Wisconsinwagen

    Towing with a Jetta

    What's the most anyone has ever towed with a Jetta? The Euro Spec hitches for the cars are rated for 3300lbs or so. I'm considering towing a race car I have to and from the track on a tow dolly equipped with brakes. It's a pretty light car and the whole rig should weigh in the neighborhood of...
  12. Wisconsinwagen

    New PB at the dragstrip!

    Today I made about 2 dozen passes at Byron Dragway in IL, my best one being 15.59 @ 87.56 MPH with a 2.29 60'. Considering the upgrades I've got, I think that's a very respectable time. It's also 8 tenths faster than my best pass last year. To put it into context, 2 cars ago, my very rare 5...
  13. Wisconsinwagen

    Company designs new engine that's 80% efficient

    I think it's a cool concept still. The idea of removing the heads means compression is infinite. And diesel is by far the best fuel to use in an engine like that. It may not be advantageous in cars, but imagine large scale applications where you don't need a lot of revs. I could see that being...
  14. Wisconsinwagen

    New TDI badge

    Finally got my car rebadged the way I wanted to. Check out my avatar to see my new TDI badge. Those are all factory letters. I had wanted a gold D but they just don't make it, so I had to settle for green. Still, I got all the primary colors in it! Comments? EDIT: By the way, in making this...
  15. Wisconsinwagen

    Company designs new engine that's 80% efficient

    This may have already been posted on here, I don't post in this section a lot. But this was very interesting to watch and it really makes a lot of sense. Enjoy!
  16. Wisconsinwagen

    Best Time at the dragstrip!

    I'm taking mine to the track for the first time this weekend. I'm hoping to break into the 15s this year.
  17. Wisconsinwagen

    Sat the 23rd feb Janesville GT.

    Thanks. That was about 2.5 hours work this morning while I was trying to figure out what day it was. :D I especially love how in almost every overhead shot jobob is walking around the floor. Relax, man. It's Saturday!
  18. Wisconsinwagen

    Sat the 23rd feb Janesville GT.

    I edited together allthe footage from yesterday's meet this morning. Here's a link to see it: I also have in-car footage from Jason's car. I will get that togehter when I'm not so busy. Sorry to make you wait! :D
  19. Wisconsinwagen

    2007 Navi CDs

    Were these ever made? If so, where can I get them?
  20. Wisconsinwagen

    Better sun visors?

    I will look into that. Thanks for the tip!