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  1. foobert

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    This is the first drain trying out Redline 5W40 oil after using Mobil TDT for the last decade. ~19K miles was not intentional, but, life happened and it is what it is now. It might be time to take a peak at my cam lobes and lifters. The last look was 20K miles ago during timing belt change...
  2. foobert

    BEW KP39 Failure... Cleanup?

    If I can revive an old thread -- what were your thoughts on the drivability of the VNT17? Did you end up needing/wanting a tune afterward due to turbo response?
  3. foobert

    04 bew intermittent engine shutter when engine is warm

    My BEW shudder was diagnosed to an air leak at the fuel filter. The shudder was most notable at high throttle, but, it also smoothed the idle substantially as well. The leak developed slowly enough that I hadn't realized how bad the idle shudder had gotten. It's easy enough to check -- insert...
  4. foobert

    For nearly 10 years I've helped buyers and sellers of TDI's find each other across the country. It saddens me to say that I'm now blocked from providing this service. I'm not sure exactly what usage pattern triggered the automated blockage, but, my IP is now useless for even pulling up CL's...
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Cam bearings Howdy oil guru's Considering the history of the PD's, it seams inevitable that I'll need a new cam and lifters before I retire the car. The last time I peaked at the cam lobes, they still had a pristine chamfer on them, so, I seem to have a fairly good cam (although, I'm due for...
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    I'm pleased to report, that I've fixed the parsing again, and it's back online ... for now, anyway. :cool: Firstly, please NEVER email Craigslist about our little community site. At best, they'll ignore you, at worst, they'll may actually take note and send nastygrams. I appreciate the...
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    OK folks, it's back on-line. Let's hope it stays that way for a long while! Cheers, ~john
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    Hi all -- Please do NOT email Craigslist. The problem with my scraper has nothing to do with CL attempting to intentional block my activity. Reaching out to CL would only serve to put me on their radar, and nothing good will come of that. My problem stems from CL jazzing up their site with...
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    Almost 2300 ads posted on today's hunt. For the addicts that regularly look at it, is that normal? I haven't payed any attention to it lately, but, I seem to remember it hovering around maybe ~1500 total. I suppose this is indicative of greater new sales in general?
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    BEW stumbles at high throttle

    Well, here it is 6 months later. My stumbling / judder / loss of power problem has ebbed and flowed since it started happening a year ago. Finally got to the bottom of it today: The problem was the O-rings on the fitting for the fuel-return port at the top of the fuel filter. The O-rings...
  11. foobert

    Need advice on possible first TDI purchase!!

    I would not buy a PD car without first pulling the valve cover and checking the cam and lifters. You are looking for consistent chamfer around the tip of every lobe and smooth lifter faces. Don't want to find out afterward that your cam looks like this (third pic down).
  12. foobert

    How do my PD cam lobes look?

    Just thought I'd update all on this post. 20K miles later (99.5K total) and the cam lobes look exactly the same as pictured at the start. No visible change in the chamfer at the tip of each lobe. Same oval color rings on the lobes. Didn't snap any new photos as I didn't see any need since...
  13. foobert

    TDI Pumpe Duse PD Cam Bearing Oiling and Related Wear (eddif)

    Are you referring to 505.01, or ?? What oil do you use?
  14. foobert

    It's a fair comment. The root cause is due to alphabetizing based on the CL sub-domains which are not always consistent with the area that they represent. I've never been so worried about it to bother an attempt to fix it. :D Please feel free to download the CL sites list here, and re-order it...
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    Move is done and site is back on-line. Now with a faster net connection. Wooo.
  16. foobert

    Nothing really limits it. I chose to update it once a day because that's all the more frequently I would ever look at it. Also, I wasn't sure how close to tree-tops I had to fly to avoid showing up on CL's radar. After all these years, I guess I don't have to be quite so careful :cool...
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    I wanted to forewarn the resident addicts: I'll be moving tomorrow, and server will be physically moving with me. Expect it to go down for half a day, or maybe more if Murphy makes an appearance. Re: Dealer Posts -- I can add those in if there is popular demand. Let me get past this move...
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    BEW stumbles at high throttle

    Driving over Donner Pass last December, my '05 Jetta (BEW) started stumbling/misfire/judder at mid-high throttle and 2k-2.5K RPM. A down shift to higher RPM and it would run considerably better, but, not perfectly smooth. Coming from sea level there was no such problem until getting up to...
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    Ohh, believe me: there are plenty of people "addicted" to the page. It averages about 20,000 page views a month and is linked from all sorts of sites. Hmmm, I wonder what 20K views a month is worth in ad revenue? Nah. I wouldn't do that to you :cool:
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    Hi folks -- The "hunt" is back online. Craigslist seriously mucked around with their formatting and my parsing routine was totally hosed. I've also updated it to include all the latest locales, and Canada too. Cheers, ~john