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  1. dieselrox

    Recurring code

    Hi all, I keep a pretty good eye on my TDI with Vagcom, and a code has appeared that appears to be significant (see below). Trying to clear it just causes it to come back immediately. My TDI has about 101k on it, this code appears to be tagged to an event that occurred around 84k. The car...
  2. dieselrox

    Looking for other Tucson TDI Owners

    Hi, I'm moving to Tucson next month and am looking for other TDI owners for advice on where to obtain service, any local get-togethers, etc. Thanks! Steve.
  3. dieselrox

    Swap Sirius for XM, 06 Jetta TDI Pkg 2

    I have a never-activated Sirius module (8E0035593D) in my 06 Jetta TDI, package 2, that I would like to swap for an XM module (8E0035593E). I would also consider purchasing a used XM module. Thanks!
  4. dieselrox

    12V Power Source for Ham Radio

    I'm going to install a VHF ham radio in my 2006.5 Jetta TDI, and either need a source of 12v power in the cabin that can supply at least 15 amps (more would be better, 20A would provide ample cushion), or I need a route to the engine compartment to tap into the battery. Obviously, it would be...
  5. dieselrox

    WTB: Used Jetta Wagon

    Looking for a used Jetta wagon, something clean, well-maintained and under 100K miles. Automatic a must, as some family members will be driving it who don't like sticks. A few dings are OK as long as the car isn't beyond my obsession to keep TDIs looking like new. I live in Virginia and would...
  6. dieselrox

    Frustration with '06.5 audio

    Hi gang, The only thing that bugs me about my new '06.5 Jetta TDI is the abysmal sound quality coming out of the radio (6-CD in-dash changer, no NAV). I've been spoiled by the creamy-smooth and clear bass sound of the Monsoon system in my old '04 TDI and the sound system in the new Jetta...
  7. dieselrox

    Question about a "Boost Gauge"

    If I'm chipped RC 1+ is a boost gauge necessary? What, exactly, does a boost gauge tell me? Thanks.
  8. dieselrox

    Rocketchip Report - Woo Hoo!!

    I got chipped at the Fest (Stage 1+), the results are astounding! Not only does it feel like I'm driving a V8, my fuel economy improved. Driving to the fest, I got about 42 MPG. On the return, after being chipped Stage 1+, I got 49 MPG. And that's with an AUTOMATIC!! My car is a daily driver...
  9. dieselrox

    Thanks for a GREAT time!!

    This was my first TDI Fest and it won't be my last, I'd just like to express some gratitude to Fred and the many organizers and helpers for putting on a fantastic event. I learned a lot at the fest, hopefully made some new friends and valuable contacts, and look forward to the next one!! Steve.
  10. dieselrox

    Help! My MPG just took a huge nosedive!

    My TDI: '04 GL w/automatic, 40k on the odometer. Mostly drive around town, the average I usually get is about 38-40 MPG, 45+ on the open highway. Took my TDI in for the 40k service a few weeks ago, everything checked out fine, and now I'm suddenly getting 30 MPG! Augh! I live in the DC area...
  11. dieselrox

    TDI Caravan to TDI Fest from Northern Virginia?

    I'm in Sterling, VA -- if anyone in the area is interested, we could set a meeting point and time, and form a caravan to TDI Fest!! :D
  12. dieselrox

    Question about A/C drain venting

    To help prevent further problems with the moldy/musty vent smell, I'd like to open the "U" flap on the firewall and unstop the drain. The problem is -- I can see the flap, but I can't get to it! My arm won't fit around all the tubing and other stuff towards the back of the engine to gain...
  13. dieselrox

    04 Jetta TDI - Roaming Fuel Gauge

    The fuel gauge on my 04 TDI sometimes acts strange -- for no apparent reason at all, it will drop as much as a quarter of a tank in a matter of a second or two, then it will slowly recover to the correct position over about a 5 minute period. This happens on level ground, at stoplights, or even...
  14. dieselrox

    Dieselrox's Baby

    Please delete this - I will repost updated photos at a later time. Thanks.
  15. dieselrox

    What Carmax did to my TDI!

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought a 2004 Jetta TDI at Carmax -- a beautiful car in great condition. I took the car back to Carmax for some follow-up service (a musty smell coming from the vents), which they did take care of. However, when I picked up my car the Carmax buffoons had done me a...
  16. dieselrox

    LOVE my TDI, HATE the SMELL!!

    I love everything about the 2004 Jetta TDI sedan that I recently bought from Carmax. It only has 33k on it, it's in beautiful shape, and my mechanic looked the car over and says it's mechanically pristine. My only problem with it? The air coming out of the dash air vents smells like the contents...