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  1. mrfrankmrfrank

    My TDI has been dead in my driveway for 15 months...time to bring it back to life

    As the title says, starting December 2017 I encountered an issue with my hvac system. I kept hearing a "thud" or a "flap" accompanied with a change in air pressure and a suction noise. I can't remember the exact behavior as it has been some time. I wasn't too worried as from what I remember...
  2. mrfrankmrfrank

    VagCom / VCDS near Addison Il

    I was wondering if anyone had a vagcom / vcds near addison IL? My 2001 tdi has been struggling to start in the cold weather and blows a ton of smoke upon startup (only in cold weather) and kermatdi (who sold me the engine and turbo requested a vcds emailed to them to help diagnose. Don't know...
  3. mrfrankmrfrank

    Spend my money for me.

    I have another thread going in the mk4 general forum where I thanked this forum for helping save my life during a runaway diesel situation. My 2001 jetta ranaway from me while doing close to 50mph on a busy street. After speaking with my mechanic and diagnosing the damage, I need a new engine...
  4. mrfrankmrfrank

    WTB ALH Garret VNT 17/22 Turbo

    Looking to upgrade my stock vnt-15 turbo to an ALH 17/22. Looking to purchase slightly used to save a little from new purchase. I have cash ready and can pay however preferred / agreed upon.
  5. mrfrankmrfrank

    Just wanted to thank you guys.

    If it wasn't for this forum, this past Thursday might have ended very differently for me. I was leaving work and got onto a busy road to head home. As I started to accelerate, my tdi went into limp mode. This has happened to me a time or two and it usually has resolved itself while driving...
  6. mrfrankmrfrank

    2001 Jetta losing prime

    This issue just started recently. If I don't start my car every day (if I go more than 24 hours without driving it) it will start to lose prime. I'd say by day 2 there is still enough fuel to get it started after cranking for 30 seconds (takes awhile and billows smoke afterward) If I go over...
  7. mrfrankmrfrank

    Anyone have a vagcom?

    I got myself rc3 today late in the day. Jeff recommended that I meet up with someone with a vagcom tomorrow (Sunday) and log some data for him to review. Is anyone willing to take a brief ride with me?
  8. mrfrankmrfrank

    Cleaned snow screen, reassembled, now brakes don't work

    My friend and I took apart my snorkel and cleaned my snow screen today. It was pretty dirty. I then put it all back together and we went to work on his car for a bit. A few hours later I go to leave his house and I notice that when I step on the brake, it barely pushes down. There is huge...
  9. mrfrankmrfrank

    What order to buy?

    I have posted this as a general post in my ongoing car log in bora photos, but I thought here would be a better place for more responses. So I am starting to plan out my path to upgraded mod bliss. I am trying to plan an order of purchases / upgrades and I am looking for advice. I start...
  10. mrfrankmrfrank

    What is this and why is it leaking?

    Whilst looking over my engine today I noticed an excessive amount of black fluid over various parts of my engine bay towards the passenger side. (I know my engine is generally all over dirty, but this was new) It looks like oil to me, but I'm no expert. There is a vertical pole that is under...
  11. mrfrankmrfrank

    Project Hailstorm

    I'm gonna start off by saying that craigslist just tends to be evil. I don't know why it's so hard to ever walk away from a craigslist endeavor fully satisfied. Earlier this week I stumbled across a car for sale that had the specs of my dream jetta. MK4, black, black leather interior, manual...
  12. mrfrankmrfrank

    Wanted. Black manual jetta tdi. Black leather int. 99-03

    As the title says, I am looking for a 1999-2003 black tdi jetta with a manual transmission and black leather interior. Send me a private message or comment here. Thanks guys!
  13. mrfrankmrfrank

    Just wanted to introduce myself

    Well guys, I wanted to start off by saying that after spending months and months at this forum without actually posting here, I can tell that I have found one of the most friendly, helpful online communities there is. I have read numerous posts where you guys come together to help out complete...