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  1. MarkWaddle

    AK47tdi's new set-up (fmic, piping, turb, ect)

    as everyone has mentioned, the black powder coated piping looks great. the stickers are fun too :) you should put that thing on a dyno once you shoo those gremlins away.
  2. MarkWaddle

    My tinted tails.....

    he's right, but realize that you can remove it without detaching the mirror from the bracket. that is what i did. just remember to twist the bracket and not pull it.
  3. MarkWaddle

    JoeVat's turbo

    very nice. can't wait!
  4. MarkWaddle

    04 PD Rocket strapped and ready to throttle

    so where's the after-dyno?
  5. MarkWaddle

    PNW Wrenching/TB GTG at Fixum Haus AUGUST 11th!

    i am packing for a week long trip to central oregon, but i just wanted pipe in and say that i'll be at the gtg btw if you are talking about MKIV leather recaros then you have peaked my interest (yes i know, i can't justify a clutch upgrade, but i might be able to "justify" recaro seats - i can...
  6. MarkWaddle

    Latest Dyno VNT 20

    173.5 at the wheels eh? very nice. i'm guessing its an ALH? what programming and fuel mods do you have?
  7. MarkWaddle

    Dual Diaphram Clutch Kit (& VR6) Group Buy

    Hi Aaron, I've been away for awhile ... Hopefully I didn't hold anything back. Please pull me out of the group buy. Mark
  8. MarkWaddle

    Putting in 4 bar grill right now. quick question

    either leave it unpainted until then, or simply don't install the grill until you are painted.
  9. MarkWaddle

    whats the verdict on lighten flywheels

    What don't you like about it?
  10. MarkWaddle

    Best Coilovers for ride comfort

    i have height and dampening adjustable weitec coilovers. they are at full stiffness to avoid bounciness and to prevent unnecessarily bottoming out. it rides quite stiff at low speeds and while crusing normally, but i don't mind. they perform much more smoothly under accelaration and at high...
  11. MarkWaddle

    Poly Dogbone Tranny Mounts

    that is probably true. i had to replace mine at ~35K.
  12. MarkWaddle

    Dual Diaphram Clutch Kit (& VR6) Group Buy

    with 3 passengers and some 90 MPH cruising my clutch started overheating and slipping slightly. put me on the list as a definite. is it ok if i paypal the $649? edit: i just saw your note on paypal fees. i will google checkout the money to you.
  13. MarkWaddle

    VNT 20 or stealth KP39... building a track TDI!..kinda..

    so what are the relative measurements of the VNT20 and hybrid KP39A?
  14. MarkWaddle

    Passenger Performance Intake Manifold and Rennen Intake to Turbo

    i just want to say that those pipes are beautiful. it would be great to see the hidden parts of the intake manifold.
  15. MarkWaddle

    Turbo vs. Injectors?? PD100 Jetta

    johnloki is right. i bought one of kerma's early PD150 injector sets. there was no warranty or guarantee, which i was ok with. although it upped the power and opened up the top end greatly, it made the idle rough. rough enough that passengers noticed and it appeared to be running poorly. he said...
  16. MarkWaddle

    reasoning for 3bar MAP sensor

    ok, although you guys keep trying to correct me, i stated almost exactly the same numbers in my first post. at least you guys have confirmed that i'm understanding the MAP sensor correctly and that i will definitely need one as i thought.
  17. MarkWaddle

    3" Downpipe + 4" Exhaust in A4 Jetta

    well done! the craftsmanship looks nice and that turbo whistle is wild! i'm looking forward to the video with the muffler.
  18. MarkWaddle

    reasoning for 3bar MAP sensor

    which hybrid turbo? i plan to wait until i get reprogrammed to install the MAP to get deliberate boost at the high level that i want without fooling the ECU and potentially affecting something else or throwing a CEL. i suppose it might be safe enough as long as you have a boost gauge and boost...
  19. MarkWaddle

    reasoning for 3bar MAP sensor

    i did take ambient pressure into account, but i referred to it as atmospheric pressure instead. i don't want to up the boost with the MAP sensor, i simply want for the ECU to be able to get accurate readings so that whatever programming i have can make the best decisions possible. i will wait...