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    Recall # WT

    I just got a post card from Reynodls and Reynolds about a recall and I was wondering what it is specifically. I did a search and came up empty. Thanks
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    For sale: VW Diesel 1.6L cylinder head

    For Auction: VW Diesel 1.6L cylinder head (82-85) mechanical lifters, 12 mm head bolts. Thanks for looking, Dubbs
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    Garrett VNT 15 on ebay

    Look what I found. Garrett VNT 15 turbocharger Volkswagen TDI From a European spec TDI engine with 110 hp. No connection with the seller I'm just spreading the word to those who might be in need of a turbo.
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    Parts wanted latch bolt/door switch

    I need some parts to get my 96 Passat up to par. I need the door latch bolt (striker bolt) and the switch that controls the dome light(rubber boot and screw also needed). This is a pic of the back door and you can see that I have electrical tape wrapped around the striker bolt (white...