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    Entire TDI family named "Worst Foreign Car Engine Of All Time"

    I am not an expert but my definition of good vs bad engines is that a good engine will provide reliable if you can get 300K+ miles without any major issues. I have driven many different makes and all I can say is my current daily drivers are ALH Diesels. The one with the fewest miles is 364K...
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    The 300k mile club!

    I also have not been back on the TDI club for quite awhile. My 03 Jetta is now at 350,000 miles and still going strong. I will have to move the wife's Jetta over to the 400,000 mile thread as just this year her's has gone over 411,000 miles. Both 03 Jetta TDI's.
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    Help with instrument cluster

    This past week the clock stopped working with the Odometer/trip Odometer. Everything else still works. Could this be a ground as well and where would I find it? Car has over 362K miles on it.
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    The 300k mile club!

    To tell the truth, I tried about two years ago to get the wife in a newer Jetta SW but she would have none of it. She said that her SW was running just fine and did not want a car payment on a car that got about the same fuel mileage. She agreed that the newer ones were nice but she liked...
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    The 300k mile club!

    Joining in with two! First is the wife's 03 JSW auto w/341K. Then my 03 Jetta Sedan w/5sp at 321K. We hope to get to 500K or more before either of us have to replace (or rebuild the engine).
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    Intermittent Dash Lights

    All, it was the dash light dimer switch. I replaced it and now my dash lights are working as they should. Thanks to all hat responded.
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    Intermittent Dash Lights

    EB, thanks. I agree that it seems to be aground issue and yes, the grounds do look fine. I have been wrong in the past so I will use a wire brush on both grounds if the switch does not work.
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    Intermittent Dash Lights

    After checking the grounds I have ordered the dash dimmer switch. I will let everyone know how it goes.
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    Intermittent Dash Lights

    Back ground on the car first, 03 Jetta TDI w/5sp has 281K runs drives fine. About a week ago my dash lights went full bright and the dimmer did nothing. After about 5min the went back to normal then just before getting home (normal for about 20min) they again went bright for about a minuet...
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    Scandal poll

    I don't care what they decide to do since the wife and I will continue to drive our TDI's till they just won't go anymore! Wife's: '03 Jetta TDI Wagon auto w/265,000 miles Mine: '03 Jetta TDI Sedan 5sp w/275,000 miles Both just getting broken in. :)
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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Hex+Can USB 40108 Brandenburg, Kentucky
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    I was out and about yesterday and happened across a shop on hwy 82 East of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. There were about 15 VWs out side from Bugs to a passat with most being Jettas. Anyone on the list know anything about this shop? I would have stopped but it was closed and they did not post a...
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    Chemical cleaning for turbo vs removal?

    Well after several years and job changes I have finally fixed both the wife’s Jetta and mine. Mine was the actuator freezing up with nothing wrong with the Turbo after about 180K. The wife’s we just replaced the Turbo with a factory replacement and have not had time to teardown her old Turbo...
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    FS: Black Leather/Chrome Shift Knob and Boot HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been trying to find one for a 2011 4d Golf that could possibly keep some of the crud off the rear window. The dealer stated that they were not available. Do you have a line on some styles for the 2010+ VWs?
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    FS: 2002 Jetta TDI Engine Parts

    What are you asking for the Turbo & Exhaust Manifold shipped to 40108?
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    FS: VNT-15, 15" Wheels, seats

    What are you asking for the Turbo if it hasen't sold yet?
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    FS: MK IV Jetta E-Code Headlights with Fogs, Sale!

    We have 3 Jetta's that could use a set. Please PM me when you are getting more in!
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    MKIV seat heater failure Poll

    I have two 03 jETTA TDI GLS's and both passenger side seat heaters have stopped and my driver's seat is trying to burn a hole in it! :mad:
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    Seat heater burn... with pictures

    I contacted two different Dealers and they both stated that the recall for all but Passats was over July 2010. Neither would do anything for me and that was October 2010. Does anyone think I should try again or file a complaint with VWoA? I have just been living with it and not leaving it...