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    ALH Alternator and A/C compressor, oil and fuel filters, boost tubes, etc

    ALH Alternator and A/C compressor, oil and fuel filters, boost tubes, plastic fan, engine side cover, etc, etc I'd like to donate these to someone in the greater Sioux Falls region. Please write a 10-page essay about why you deserve to be considered or send me a PM and just ask :)... they're...
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    DSG fluid service kit, engine air filter, cabin air filter

    Purchased for a 2013 Passat TDI DSG. I have 5 liters of Liqui-Moly and two filters left over from my '2013 Passat TDI DSG. Also including a cabin air filter and engine air filter. Pick-up near Sioux Falls, SD. Get it before 29 Oct (I'm moving.) $75 obo.
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    MK4 Jetta/Golf heater core - cheap

    I found a new MK4 Jetta/Golf heater core in my pile of parts and I don't need it. It's new and it's not going to be expensive. $20 + shipping and it's yours.
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    '13 Passat WeatherTech, DSG service, Oil, etc. ALH tool rental/sale

    For the first time since '07, I'm without a TDI. Thus, some stuff is for sale. I'm in Sioux Falls, SD and would prefer a local sale, but can work with someone on shipping. '13 TDI (CKRA) related: WeatherTech front and rear mats. Perfect for winter, used for 6-months in our Passat. $125. I...
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    Injector/engine Nailing/knocking noise when cold

    My wife's '13 Passat experiences a knocking/pinging/nailing noise when the engine is cold. It gets worse with more throttle. If the engine is warm, there is no noise. It's very much like the noise in this video: It started out mild a short while...
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    FS: OEM MKIV wagon Roof Rack rails/bars

    I bought these a while back and kept them when I sold my MKIV jetta wagon in hopes they would fit on my C5 Audis, but they are too narrow. $200 shipped I also have a giant cargo-box I'd sell too if you were local. $100. I paid about $200 and used it once. It's huge, you can fit your spare...
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    Heater issues... with a twist

    Wife's '13 Passat had limited heat and I confirmed this on a lengthy drive today. Boiling heat out the driver's vent, less heat out the centers, and no heat out the passengers vent. Sounded like a classic case of a clogged heater core. I pull the belly pan, drain coolant at the rad, pull the...
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    ALH alt, compressor, engine cover, pancake pipe, serp tensioner

    Found a box of spares I hadn't unpacked after our move this summer. I'll update with more information when I get to the laptop, but everything is used but the tensioner, that's new. Cover, tensioner = Sold Pancake pipe = Sold both 11mm pumps sold. Make reasonable offers...
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    ALH 11mm Injection pumps

    I sold my last ALH TDI and I've decided to purge what little parts I have left. I managed to give 99% of my spares to the buyer of my ALH, but I do have two 11mm ALH pumps. Shipping to be paid by buyer, but the pumps will fit in a standard $17 ship-anything box. The first is a very good...
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    '99-10 Short Shifter, brand new, never used.

    I have one on my daily-driver and it works perfectly. Noticeable improvement and if you have any worn parts in your assembly, it might literally cheaper to buy this new and have an improved shift/throw. Installation was a cake-walk on my '02 and it gives you an opportunity to properly set your...
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    Audi TT wheels, 17x7.5, ET32

    These came from an 2002-ish Audi TT. 5x100 bolt pattern. Thus, they'll fit 99-04 vintage Jetta and Golf, etc. I ran my snow tires on these for the last few years. My wife managed to curb one, but they are still very usable and would sand/clean up well if you wanted to refinish or even...
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    WTB: #3 injector

    Testing some things on my car and I need to find another injector to to verify mine is good or not. Let me know what you have please. I believe mine is the square plug from 02 and down, not the 03+ plug.
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    ALH requested/actual pump timing issues

    (no help in the vehicle specific forum, so I'm going to try here as well.) My wagon recently developed an excessive smoking condition at anything above 75% throttle. After having my Malone tune installed nearly a year ago, I didn't notice anything like this. Over the last month or so, I began...
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    Excessive smoke at/near WOT, new condition.

    My wagon recently developed an excessive smoking condition at anything above 75% throttle. After having my Malone tune installed nearly a year ago, I didn't notice anything like this. Over the last month or so, I began to notice this; new condition. I even swapped to a generic set of 0.205...
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    Wonky pump timing; actual timing seems stuck at 0.0°. Cause?

    A short while ago I noticed my cause experiencing a slight dip in economy and a massive amount of smoke at or near WOT and it was previously clean burning. I checked timing via VCDS and the graphical timing appears to be lower than I set it and the actual vs desired timing via the 'adaptation'...
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    Dirty cabin air filter? Check your evaporator...

    I bought this TDI from someone who apparently never changed the cabin air filter. When I say dirty, I mean filthy. It was utterly disgusting. I changed it when I bought it and haven't thought much about it since. Also, this never had as cold of vent air as my other ALH's. I recall seeing...
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    WTT: Kerma 3" full stainless turbo-back for OEM + cash

    ALH setup. I like the sound, but its a little noisy for the family truckster. If anyone is interested in hot-swapping this in NW Iowa, we'll pull both off, switch from car to car (I should have a lift available.) Looking for $400 + your OEM. Cat not exactly necessary, but appreciated...
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    WTT: 02 ALH 5sp Wagon for Allroad 6sp 2.7T

    My commute isn't what it once was, I'd like a little more room, and I'm contemplating a change to an AWD 6sp Allroad. I'm specifically looking for black, dark grey, or Anthracite (tan.) My wagon: 2002 Jetta Wagon 5sp. Silver exterior, black interior, leather, sunroof, etc, etc. This...
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    WTT: '02 Wagon ALH/5sp for Allroad 2.7T/5sp

    wrong subforum delete this... my mistake.
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    FS: Black Long Beach 17's, 5x100 wheels - $300 obo

    Pictures here I bought these a short while ago and intended to use them as my winter wheels, but I think I'm going to run an aggressive tire on a 15" steel wheel for Winter. Will ship on your dime. Asking $300.