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    2015 Passat SE/Sunroof TDI $9500 (Alabama)

    SOLD. Local sale.
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    Jump Starting Trick

    Recently I came upon a fellow TDI owner in a parking lot with a VERY dead battery. He had the cables hooked up to his car and was trying to get jump started from a Pick-up truck. No matter how long they waited between starts, the TDI would barely turn over the starter. The issue? Grossly...
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    Beetle and Beetle Convert. Roll Call. Who's out there?

    Ok, this section of TDI club has been largely dormant for quite a while. Lets get it rolling a bit. Who has a Beetle TDI 2012+ Who has a Beetle Convertible 2012+ ? I have a 2015 Beetle Convertible TDI with 3200 miles on it. The wife and I are "Saving it for Later" and driving it very...
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    2015 NMS B7 Passat Brake Pad doesn't fit

    I've ordered 2 sets of rear brake pads from 2 sources. Autozone and IDParts. Both were spec'd for the 2015 NMS/B7, but neither fit. I wrote off the Autozone ones as "Cheap knockoffs" when they didnt fit, but I'm surprised that the ID parts ones didnt fit and it made me think there was a...
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    Curb Strike-Bent tie rod.

    I have not-so-great dash cam footage of me sliding (front end- understeer) on a newly wet (oily and slippery) road, as I'm entering an on-ramp. Apparently 24 mph is too fast to take a turn in the rain, where oil seems to have percolated up from the road surface. All that to say- I...
  6. I Auction site has 2010 JSW TDI for Auction on 10/6 (Link) (Link Above) I've become acquainted with an online auction site after buying some garage stuff from a local...
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    2015 Passat Wrong fuel tank?

    Okay.. Now I'm 100% convinced that in spite of what my owner's manual says, and in spite of what the literature for the 2015 Passat says about having an 18.5 Gallon fuel tank, Both of my Passats have 16.5 gallon tanks. Although I've never gone past "5 miles until empty" on the readout before...
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    WTB: 2015 Stuff. Passat/Golf Wagon/Beetle

    Did you sell back your TDI to VW and still have stuff that you took off your car, or fluids, filters, etc that you bought and never used? I may want it. After selling 2 TDI's at buyback, I purchased 3 more, then later added a 4th. I have a 2015 Beetle TDI Convertible, A 2015 Golf TDI...
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    Wanted: Monster Mats 2015 Passat

    Anyone have any unused, or lightly used Monster, or Black Mojo Mats for sale? I figured I'd try here before buying new ones. A Trunk liner would be appreciated too. But I dont need the blocks. Shipping to 35242. Thanks.
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    Phase 1 (fixed) "New" 2015 Mileage thread

    I wanted to start this thread to give people who have recently purchased "new" "fixed" 2015's to see what their mileage experience is. Lets try to limit the discussions to tank mileage, not what your readout is on a single long stretch. And it will be helpful if you also "do the math", meaning...
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    Before and After the 2015 fix results. Comparing my 5 TDI's with each other.

    Hello folks. I just purchased 3 2015 "fixed" VW tdis. A Beetle Convertible, A Golf Sportwagen and a Passat. I also own 2 of the non-fixed models that we are in the process of selling back to VW. A 2011 and a 2013 Jetta Sportwagen and should have them for a few more weeks. My house looks...
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    Call me crazy- I have 3 NEW 2015 TDI's.

    I got lucky. :D :D :D 3 times today. I managed to find 3 fixed 2015 TDI's and purchased them today. Somehow there was a dealership in a small town that hadn't taken deposits for a pre-sale, and I managed to find that dealership after 7 phone calls. I called, asked about their new, unsold...
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    2000 Jetta GLS Roof Auto 303k Birmingham, AL $1750

    No longer available
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    2005 Passat TDI Wagon Birmingham, AL Craigslist $7000

    Deleted Deleted Ad
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    2014 Manual Passat TDI SE Birmingham $25k

    2014 Passat TDI Manual (Deleted) deleted.