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    A4 Antenna grommet

    The rubber gasket or grommet that goes around the outside of the base of the antenna. Mine rotted and fell apart. Can anyone tell me if replacements are available. They appear to only be cosmetic. I'm not planning to take the antenna off, but I wouldn't mind sliding a new one on if I can...
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    Intermittent Temperature gauge

    I'm sure this is an issue that's been around for a while. My temp gauge works properly 99% of the time, but sometimes plays dead for a while, then pops up to read normally. I believe the culprit is a coolant temp sensor that's somewhere in the vicinity of the coolant glow plugs? Can someone...
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    A4 Steelies... Winter's coming.

    A4 Steelies... Winter\'s coming. Anyone in the Baltimore, MD region looking for a set of A4 Steel wheels? Great for setting up winter tires. They still have the Michelin MXV4s with several thousand miles left, and the original wheel covers in perfect condition... just need a sponge bath...
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    FS - Set of A4 steelies and wheel covers

    I have my original set of 15" steel wheels and wheel covers (from my 2000 Golf) for sale... 5x100 bolt pattern. Perfect condition. They still have the Michelin MXV4 Energy tires mounted which have enough tread left for a few thousand miles, if you're so inclined. Not gonna ship... I'm in...
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    Mobil 1 T&SUV oil analysis

    In case anyone's interested, I have the results of my first 10k miles on Mobil 1 T&SUV. Everyone said it's repackaged Delvac 1 which is all I previously used and I have several previous sets of analyses from my car using D1. I now have 100k miles on the clock. visc100 - 14.7 water - 0 soot -...
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    Bosch still says US BD no good.
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    On replacing front valance...

    So, since I'm going to be replacing the front valance on my Golf (compliments of some contractor that left his aluminum extension ladder in the middle of the interstate this morning), I assume that you take the front bumper skin off and the valance comes with it attached with clips to the bumper...
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    WTB OEM front valence for A4 Golf

    Anyone have one lying around they'd like to part with? Hit an aluminum extension ladder lying across the Interstate this morning and tore mine. Mel
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    A little glitch this morning

    In 96k miles, my 2000 Golf has given me almost no problems. This morning, as I was a few miles from home and the coolant temp started its normal climb, when it was about half way to normal operating temp, the temp guage when back to cold... briefly. I watched it for about 10 seconds and it...
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    My MAF story...

    Like so many of us A4 TDI owners, my MAF sensor began to show the classic signs of weakening by exhibiting a dead spot in acceleration around 2,800 to 3,000 rpms. So, about 20k miles ago, I replaced it with a MB Pierburg unit. I've been using it with a Van Aaken Smart Box and it has performed...
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    Blinking brake light... in dash

    My BRAKE warning light has periodically taken to blinking and beeping three times. This is the same light that warns you that the parking brake is applied. The owners manual lists this light but doesn't say what this specific warning pattern is... Bently doesn't discuss the dash warning lights...
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    Anybody else have a squeaky clutch pedal?

    Mine squeaks... kinda like a rubber squeak. 2000 Golf Been doing it off and on... now mostly on, for a long time. Anybody else notice this? Do anything to fix it? Mel
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    WTB one center cap for Avus wheel

    Anyone have or know where I can get one center cap for a 15" Avus alloy wheel? A friend has a Jetta and one of her caps came up missing. I told her I'd try to find a replacement. Doesn't have to be new. BTW, I'm talking about the original Avus wheel... I think she has a 2000 Jetta. Thanks, Mel
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    Another battery replacement story.

    Well, I finally broke down today and installed a new battery in my '00 Golf. Walmart has a 41-4 battery for $39.95 that is nearly identical in all dimensions to the OE battery. The only difference is the flange at the bottom for clamping it in place is slightly higher and thicker. With a...
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    Whistle sound after start up.

    Let me describe something that my '00 Golf has done ever since I've had it. When I start it in the morning, if I let it sit and idle for a few minutes - like while I'm removing snow or frost, after it idles for a few minutes, a low whistle starts to be heard. It's not turbo related... it's a...
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    Weak rear window defroster...

    Just doing an informal poll to see if others A4 VW owners have weak rear defrosters. Mine's always worked, but it's significantly slower than any other car I've owned. Just curious how this compares with others... guess the good news is, since it's so low-powered, it won't burn out. -Mel
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    Lubricate VNT actuator rod?

    Does anyone here recommend periodic lubrication of the VNT actuator rod on the turbo? If so, with what kind of lubricant? Something that will take the heat and won't gum it up over time? -Mel
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    Glow plugs replaced - CEL didn't return

    Glow plugs replaced - CEL didn\'t return Glow plugs and harnesses seem to be a popular topic these days. Well, after 74k miles of trouble-free driving, I got my first CEL last week. Geoff & Lito both correctly guessed the culprit before diagnosis... glow plug circuit. Lito came to my house...
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    5-speed tranny oil fill

    I'm embarrassed to ask, but would someone be so kind to tell me (or better... have a picture) where the oil fill plug is in the 5-speed tranny? I know someone once pointed to it for me at a GTG, but I've been looking around with a trouble light and seem to have misplaced it. Plus, I can't...
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    MB Pierburg MAF report

    I swapped out my MAF sensor this weekend for one of the Pierburg Mercedes Benz MAFs that have recently been proven to work quite nicely in our A4 TDIs. I have almost 70k miles on my original Bosch MAF and it was continuing to work pretty well. It has never shown the classic signs of a bad MAF...