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    '04 BEW Died

    Replacing with a whole new sender? or is it possible to put a new pump into the existing sender? I thought I read something on here a while back about different bew fuel level senders, that some will allow the tandem pump to pull fuel out of the tank even if the in-tank pump has conked out. And...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Had good luck with Moog tie rods, they come with a grease fitting and have lasted about 45,000 miles so far
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    '04 BEW Died

    Out of fuel? Can you hear the lift pump prime under the backseat?
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    Coolant temperature sensor

    There's gotta be a story behind that profile pic...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Off 81@ 16 in southern virginia
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    The Crayon Smell: Is it Dangerous or Benign?

    Bought the car with Crayola's under the back seat, was never sure about the source of the scent
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Also a blinding light source for anyone below the cutoff
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Lol, I only hit things on the day's I don't feel like putting the skid plate on
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    Bilstein b6 right side strut (shock?) mount with purple poly mounts after 40k miles
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    TDI build thread

    I don't think the gap is normal. I think the gap is commonly seen and shows up on many many cars but it's still a symptom of something being "off." If the bolt goes through then it's probably holding the strut, as it won't go through Unless the strut is in far enough that the divot is ligned up...
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    TDI build thread

    A 1/4" drive ratchet works awesome at opening up the gap to remove/install the strut into the knuckle. When I put bilstein B6's in with poly upper mounts there was no gap at the top. ~40k later and still no gap.. I think the gap happens when the upper mounts squishes and deforms, or also if...
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    Rear strut brand recommendations

    Doesn't the spring bear the weight of the car while the strut dampens the movement
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    Rear strut brand recommendations

    Aaaaand now there's a difference between shocks and struts?
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    Diesel shortage.

    Didja hear about the new electric firetrucks? When they catch on fire they put themselves out
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    Looking to improve wagon handling

    With the engine off but steering column unlocked and turning the wheel left and right maybe there's a little play in the steering wheel? Perhaps a little slop has developed in a U-joint between the rack and the steering wheel?
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    Manual Transmission sticking in 3rd sometimes 5th gear

    ...And coming to a complete stop in 5th instead of downshifting while slowing...
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    Diesel shortage.

    The trick with a rocket stove is to turn it into a Rocket MASS heater (RMH) where the exhaust from the stove is routed through a "mass" that absorbs the heats and slowly realeses it overnight, slowly, best case scenario into the mattress you're sleeping on. When built optimuly the exhaust...
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    Very violent Golf start, new VW owner

    Surprised that it starts like that, might try new vacuum lines/replace that T-fitting before messing with the glowplug harness, and where's the pigtail that plugs into the MAF!?
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    Rear strut brand recommendations

    I think that orielly auto parts is where I got my b6s ordered from, special order but they came in a few days.