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    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?

    I just experienced the flickering display today and think I need to go ahead and upgrade my radio for one compatible with Apple Carplay. Has anything changed with the procedure of upgrading since this was last active?
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    Manual swap parts looking for a good home

    Would you happen to still have the transmission?
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Update: I purchased the Febi part and as you suggested, I removed the serpentine belt, but the chirping was still there which tells me it was never the tensioner. I called the dealer to let him know what I did not agree with the technician's diagnosis of the cause. They asked that I bring it...
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    Dealer says it's fine to drive while waiting for DPF

    Is that true? My DPF light has been on for a few months on my daughter's car. I brought the car to the dealer to verify there wasn't something else going on with the car. Dealer said that the DPFs are on nationwide backorder and that I could keep driving the car without damaging anything...
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    Would mud guards from a MK6 Golf fit JSW?

    Part number 5K0075111. I went to ECS Tuning and website says it won't fit. I though JSW were the same as MK6 Golfs; does anyone have any first had experience whether they are compatible? Thanks -Nick
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    I ordered it last night; I will report back on quality once I get it in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Never heard of SWAG brand, does anyone have feedback on whether it is good quality or better to spend the extra $30 for OEM? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Does anyone know the part number for the tensioner? Is there anything else that needs to be purchased besides 2 new bolts?
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    So nothing as involved as in this youtube video? It is strange that the car has been chirp-free for the past 3 days...
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Heard back from the dealership. They said the chirping is coming from the serpentine belt tensioner and quoted me $221 (about $110 for parts and $111 for labor) to repair it. Said it wouldn't be covered by powertrain warranty because the serpentine belt isn't considered part of the "powertrain"
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Chirping noises came back. I noticed it would go away past 1200 rpms. I'll be dropping it off at the dealer tomorrow (hopefully to be covered under warranty).
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    One of my local dealers said that it shouldn't be a problem getting it covered by the powertrain warranty. I have an appointment in a few weeks to bring it in. It is weird that the noise went away the past couple of days and now everything sounds normal. Could a bad timing belt and/or...
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Yes, that is what mine sounds like as well. Is there any way for that to be covered under warranty? I know timing belts are normally considered a wear and tear item but at under 40k miles, that is way below the change interval, which I believe is 120k miles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    I have had this car since it was brand new. Any thoughts on what would cause this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Last night I noticed some chirping coming from under the hood at low rpms. When I got home, I left the car in neutral and it was still chirping. This morning, I drove into work and and noticed the noise went away when accelerating as well as when at higher rpms. I have video with sound but...
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    96 b4v $4,000

    Bump for a great guy!!
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    WTB- Ross Tech VAG Com

    Need it to do some maintenance on my cars. I have a 2011 JSW, 2015 GSW and 2018 Atlas. Thanks.
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    BlueImpact's 2012 Golf TDI to GTD Conversion Thread.

    Do you know if the mounting holes for the mud guards are the same for your Golf compared to a 2011 JSW? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Options for mud guards on JSW?

    I really like the Rally Armour ones on my GSW, but it doesn't look like they make them for the JSW. I liked them because, unlike stock mud guards, they don't contact any metal part of the body to potentially wear on the paint and eventually rust. Has anyone had any luck with aftermarket mud...