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    WTB B4V (Passat wagon) rear gate lock core

    Well some ******* messed up my rear lock trying to break in. I was able to make the mechanism work with central locking, but these cores have been discontinued
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    Gone: parting B4 Passat wagon (engine gone) - Gig Harbor WA

    Rear end hit crumpled behind doors - I'm just digging in to see how bad it is. Whatcha need? I grabbed this wreck to pull floor pan and a few other items I live in Seattle so can meet either location, shipping at expense. Pic of vehicle
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    Great daily B4 sedan - 138k, under 100k 1Z engine

    Great daily B4 sedan SOLD - we went through it and found east coast rust covered up by Nice Cars... So sold at a discount to first time TDI owner in OR Listed on Seattle Craigslist as the peanut gallery on here used to be much more fun...
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    Friend's '98 Jetta - good daily with a trunk hit

    Friend's '98 Jetta - *SOLD* Still a good runner but got smacked in the butt. *SOLD*
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    B4V rebuild project + Sedan daily driver FS

    B4V (interior project) + Sedan daily driver FS TL: DR version- You get a daily driver and B4V runs & drives but needs mostly interior work. Ok folks, I've FINALLY come to the conclusion that I'm continuing to endanger my marriage by holding onto the B4s in my life. Wife purchased an "F- you &...
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    FS: 2003 Jetta wagon, 5sp $11500

    SOLD- TDIClub does it again :DThat's all she wrote folks, SOLD Moving to more walkable environs and keeping only one TDI for trips... You can see it in my signature. It lived in the midwest until we moved at the end of 2009. I bought from JasonTDI at 116K miles, TB and other work to bring...
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    B4 body and paint

    I have just gotten out of the rust belt and back to Washington. Thankfully my B4V started its life out in WA and only was tortured by WI roads for 2 1/2 years. I do have some rust around the windshield and on one door. I'd like to go over the B4V to be sure nothing sneaks up on me. I'm...
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    Moving back home- WI to WA via I-80

    We're making the one-way trek from Milwaukee, WI to western Washington. Oh, my sweet mountains here I come! We leave on the 16th and plan to arrive on the 22nd- taking it a little easy. We are heading south to I-80 and across. We'll be stopping off in Salt Lake, Boise, and Hood River to see...
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    Friend with lost key- Grayslake, IL

    Anyone near Grayslake, IL able to help out a friend? He's stranded with a lost key and would love to avoid the dealership. Let me know. cheers, Kyle
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    Fuel film coming to Chicago

    The premiere of Fuel in Chicago will be October 9th. see for info and tickets I'm joining Josh and crew down there to add our handheld biodiesel analyzer to the tour. Also, if you're interested in seeing a turbo diesel Harley I'm working on my friends at Advanced Engine...
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    Bum buyer? no payment or contact!

    Grr... it wasn't even that expensive- a damn power steering line! member name: fase2000TDI address: 1319 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, Rhode Island 02814 Anyone know him?
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    Huh. And another Jetta in Indy

    auto though...
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    Jetta in Seattle

    Just saw this listing- likely they're buying fuel from Dr. Dan's in Ballard. Good stuff.
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    Jetta wagon in MI

    Saw this posted today- tiptronic with 53K on the clock
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    Guru close to Iowa

    A friend who doesn't know much about cars might be picking up a TDI in midstate Iowa. Anyone even close?
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    beware- another craigslist scam lets see what name you get- mine was "out of the country", etc... :mad:
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    1996 Passat Wagon

    I've had it passively listed in my signature, but I need it to go. Don't make me put it on ebay! :rolleyes: Click on B4V link in signature for more info. This is a well loved wagon. Purchased from original owner at 186K and only selling as we replaced her with another Passat wagon. sold...
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    2003 Jetta GLS TDI, 5 speed

    The cars are starting to pile up at the house again... The new(er) B4 wagon arrives next week :D so this needs to go. This car was well cared for by its owner- maintenance was done properly and dieselgeek deluxe timing belt kit was installed by JasonTDI. 96,000 miles Silver with black cloth...
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    WTB: B4 A/C condenser

    Filled the A/C up today and, lo-and-behold, the condenser or lower hose started spitting and hissing at me. Hmm... no wonder the A/C isn't blowing cold. :(
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    great new biodiesel article

    Here is giving some alternative health cred to biodiesel... Andrew Weil is using a biopro 190... :D