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    Has anyone used this Intercooler system?

    I was going to buy that kit but with exchange and only wanting to buy once ended up with pd130 fmic. I forgot how to get my picture to load but they are in my pictures on here some where.
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    FS: PD150 Injectors

    Please tell me the wagon in your signaturemail is not being parted out. That car has been an inspiration to my 05 bew for years. I just got a 6 speed swap to install monday. Next will be turBo and injectors.
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    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    Dsp in Denton texas. The owner made the alot of the instructions in the link. Super nice guy. He can even tune it so your cruise still works. Last week he swap a manual into an auto vr6 jetta.
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  8. 2005 tdi jetta

    2005 tdi jetta

    the front bumper shot after the darkside fmic
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    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    It looks just like the picture in the instruction including in the pdf. Sorry i did not take a ton of pictures since i was in a race against the clock. Owed a member here a favor for letting me do timing belt on turbo s beetle i just purchased. anyway ill start a thread when my other parts are...
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    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    Bought and installed the darkside pd130 fmic kit. Very good quality. They fit the bew tdi just asked for the euro crash bar. Still cheaper with everything than any American made fmic I have found also you still end up with crash that is not a thin bar. Now I'm got most supporting mods for big...
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    ALH intake on a BEW?

    I have a brm intake you could purchase. I wanted the pd150 intake and some guy sent me brm one. Which looks about the same . How ever the race pipe I had from darkside was for the pd150 intake. You could put race pipe on it. Saw then on ebay.
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    my transmission is shot--seeking advice

    My 09a did this and when cold could not shift out of first. I replaced solenoids all of them. Bought them from trans star. They cost 209 dollars and this was for factory solenoids. I installed and used gm fluid dex 6. Been driving flawless for the last 30k. Now I'm doing upgrades and have to...
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    H-Beam Rod By Frank's TDI's

    Can you sell me just the cam bearings for a bew? Can't find any like this.
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    270bhp on stock injectors? (PD130 ASZ)

    How thin are stock injector stretched? That's alot considering most people say your limited to 230bhp with arl injectors
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    Dutch Auto Parts, gearbox sets, engines, turbos, injection pumps

    Frans I have been emailing you trying to get more info. Please check. It may be going to spam
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    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    Was wondering what size is the maf that comes with pd150 tip kit? Is it the same as the one on bew or will it need tuned to engine? Also if I bought the pd150 injectors do you want my stock injectors back?
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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Hex-Can usb. Know how to do a few things, but love learning new things.
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    Texas owners TDI List

    Live in Krum Texas. 10 minutes from DSP in Denton. Got first tdi 2014. Now i Only own 3 tdis with no gassers.
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    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    Does erf 02m have an lsd from factory?