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    Getting rid of B4 TDI's in Eastern PA

    Hello, I am near Kutztown, PA 19530. If you are interested and close, I am sure that we can work something out. Please feel free to call. Link to the "For Sale" listing. Please excuse the cross posting. I really need these things moved soon. Best Regards, Ben 610-703-9258

    End of an era (TDI's need to go)...

    Hello, I guess that I am done with TDI's for now. I purchased a 2013 Nissan LEAF June of 2015. I have put about 17,000 miles on it since then and haven't driven the TDI Wagon in a while. So, the message is clear. Also, the local "Quality of Life" officer says that I can't keep them here...

    FS: 3 1996 Passat TDI's (Salvage SW, SW & Sedan)

    Hello, Are you able to pick up vehicles in the Allentown / Reading Pennsylvania area? 1996 Passat TDI Wagon, Green - Salvage - Rear End Damage, Some parts removed (~70% complete, undamaged) - VIN WVWHG83A5TE065550 (Title in hand). 1996 Passat TDI Sedan, Storm Grey - Oil Starvation Engine and...

    Power to radio died - ignition switch?

    I'm sure that my ignition switch is on its way out, starter position already bypassed. Recently, while idling through a parking lot, the stereo powered down (after-market beeps 3 times after I pulled the key out when it worked). I plugged in the factory head unit, also won't power up, though...

    PA "MORE MPG" on Jetta Sportwagen

    Hello, I'm in search of the owner of this car. We have an interesting thing in common. We both like VW TDI wagons. I expect that my next vehicle will likely be a Sportwagen. OH AND WE HAVE THE SAME LICENSE PLATE!?!?!? How the ____ does that happen? BTW, you owe the Delaware Bridge Commission...

    B4V Downpipe & Cat w/o EGT probe ports?

    Hello, I've been busy getting my replacement wagon up to par with the previously totaled one. Currently I need to replace the downpipe. It broke off at the flange awhile ago, I welded that back, but the mounting of the damn resonator allows for lots of torque when the outlet rusts apart. So...

    Another One Bites The Dust - B4 Wagon TDI

    Well, I haven't been hanging around much lately. I've got a 3 yo daughter that draws my attention. But, I'm looking for some sympathy and thoughts from people who understand the value of this vehicle. I feel sure the insurance company will not help me there. Here's the story; Was stopping at...

    Passat out of fuel, won't restart - Away from home (near Pittsburgh Airport), URGENT

    Hello, It has been some time since I have spent much time on the forums, but with a dead car and 6 hours between me and home, I am in need of some help. As best I can remember, this is all of the important points of the situation; 1. fuel is nearing refuel level, maybe pushing it a bit, 2. Take...

    Fuel poors out under engine, belts soaked! - HELP

    Its been a while! Fate is getting me back for not staying in touch. I have a wagon that needs a water pump, so I've been driving the sedan, no time to fix the wagon with 4 1/2 month old daughter. Now I have no choice, they are both out of commission! Problem - - The sedan (a 1996 (B4) TDI...
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    Help, search off. Faults- 575, 765, 310, 777, 312

    From Vag-COM... " VAG-COM Version: Release 404.0-S Control Module Part Number: 028 906 021 BK Component and/or Version: 1,9l R4 EDC SG D5O Software Coding: 00000 Work Shop Code: WSC 00000 5 Faults Found: 00575 - Intake Manifold Pressure 17-10 - Control...
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    GTG-Lehigh Valley,PA 6/5/04, All Welcome! 10am-2pm

    Hello, - Well, I looked up last year's GTG post and noticed that the anniversary has passed, better late than never? - I decided to give the Poll thing a try. I'll give everyone a couple of weeks (2, until the 5th of May) to complete the poll. - I hope we can decide on a date that works for a...
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    Buy a BIG SUV or Truck and get $24,000 from IRS

    I'm sure this will help the cause !
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    Timing Belt Broken, Repair?, Buy New?, etc? Pics.

    Hello, - Unfortunately, my father is in need of some help. His 1997 TDI Sedan with just less than 110K miles broke its belt the other day. I have a couple of timing belt kits on their way from Harv. I won't let mine go by 120K for sure! - Below are some thumbnails of the problem areas. You...
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    HELP, MAF Implausible & no sound of compression

    Vehicle: 1997 Passat Sedan TDI ~ 110k Miles Delvac 1 level good, on the high end of indented section. Coolant pretty pink color, doesn't look contaminated Situation: Driving ~ 75 mph on PA turnpike NE Ext. Passing, loses power, allows driver to pull off to side of highway then dies. "Lights...
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    Diesel Tree - Copaiba

    "Natives ... drill a 5 centimeter hole into the 1-meter thick trunk and put a bung into it. Every 6 months or so, they remove the bung and collect 15 to 20 liters of the hydrocarbon. Since there are few Rabbit diesels in the jungle, the natives use the hydrocarbon as an emollient and for other...
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    FS-Humor, Is this really a TDI?

    I laughed. "...Fair Condition, needs engine." If it needs an engine, is it really a TDI? $5K + engine and installation = too much $ in my opinion. But, if for some reason this is of interest to you go to and run a search or look here.
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    FS 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D

    Hello, - Below you will find links to pictures and an add from the owner. I am not the owner. I ran into an auto parts store and left my TDI running to keep my 92 year old grandfather comfortable in the A/C. I came out to find a fellow looking and listening. He asked about my car, did it...
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    Spotted on my way home - '96 Passat Wagon, Black

    Spotted on my way home - \'96 Passat Wagon, Black CNT Motors, Inc. - I know that this car has been at this dealer for a few weeks. It is the only VW, let alone the only diesel. Unless the owner of CNT Motors posts differently, I expect that they know little about what they have...
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    Biodiesel Cost Analysis

    Biodiesel Cost Analysis Please comment on how useful (or not) you find this spreadsheet. Maybe everyone has already run the numbers and this is common knowledge. I, though, was surprised to find that a home blend can be very economical.
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    Gauges, Graphs - Wanted for Vag-Com

    Hello, - I recently purchased a 1/2 share (my father has the other share) of a Hex-Com cable from Ross-Tech. - I really like what it can do, but would really like a more user friendly display. - Something like this maybe - Data Translation - Measure Foundry 3.0 - I don't sell for this...