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    Where to start

    Today my 2001 Jetta acted like it had a complete dead battery. I turned the key and then nothing. I pulled the key out reinsertted it and turned the key and it started normal. I had to turn my radio on (I never turn it off), but my presets were still there. I had to press one to get the radio...
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    Kumho eco Solus HM KR22

    I thought I would give my first report on these tires. First off the tires I had on were 205/55R16 Michelin Destiny'sThey were completely wore out. The best fuel mileage I got on these tires was 54.6mpg.(@40psi). I wanted a high mileage tire with resonable fuel mileage. I read good reviews on...
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    A3 Wiring Harness Removal

    I'm stuck trying to remove the wiring harness from my 1998 Jetta.I have the engine completely removed and I have been carefull to remove all the wiring from the engine. I'm stuck now at he point where the wiring enters the interior. I see no way of getting the wiring either direction through the...
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    WTB A3 Oil Filter housing/Mount

    I need a oil filter mount for a A3 1998 Jetta TDI. This is the housing that connects to the engine.
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    Gurus: Is My Turbo Ok?

    First off I have had a runaway situation, but after much research, I believe I'm the reason. I believe the reasons to be: 1.) I have been driving my 01 Jetta TDI for maximum fuel mileage. 2.) I replaced the timing belt Monday and knocked off a vacuum line resulting in limp mode. 3.) I drove it...
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    Pretty sure my turbo blew

    Pretty sure my turbo blew but not positive First a little history. I have been the owner of a 98 A3 Jetta for 4 years. April 22 my wife totaled the Jetta and broke her back and the wreck wasn't her fault. From the Insurance money I picked up a 2001 Jetta TDI GLS May 1st. I was told that the...
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    00550 Loud Engine-Advanced Timing

    My daily driver 98 Jetta is in dire need of help. I keep throwing a 00550 code (immediately after resetting codes) and eventually 00575. I have checked the timing with a VagCom and it is advanced off the chart. The engine is very loud. It sounds as loud as my 84 Mercedes Benz TB. I have verified...
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    Is my Shock (strut) Broke??

    I had a set of Bilstein TC shocks installed (by a friend) 2 years ago. Here is a picture of my left rear shock. Is it broke or something come off?
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    Injection Pump

    How do I verify that I need an injection pump? I have had a problem for some time that when I change filters it gets better and then a short time later the problem returns. The problem has got worse as I go along. Last Saturday I was with my wife and we kept throwing the 00550 code. The car...
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    Hard starting after sitting in the sun

    I have a number of problems that I need to address, but maybe they are tied together. My 98 Jetta TDI starts great of a morning, but after it sits in the parking lot at work in the sun all day (only in the 80s) it is difficult to start when I leave work. Conversely after the car sits overnight...
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    WTB RF Headlight, Grill and backing bracket

    I need these parts for a 98 Jetta. The Right Front Headlight is the passenger side headlight. I need the front grill with the VW emblem in the center. I believe that all the A3 parts are the same 93-98. **** I have my right front headlight. I still need a front grill.
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    Just Don't Do It

    If you ever think about changing the rear bushings on an A3 Jetta; don't. I bought bushings and started on my car Saturday Morning. I have worked over 18 hours the last 2 days and my car still sits on jack stands. I have 2 big stumbling blocks still. The rear proportional valve refuses to...
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    Autohauz Arizona Parts?

    I've been looking in the threads for A3 motor mounts and I have seen recommendations for the TDIParts kit for $180. I get a lot of my parts from Autohauz Arizona so I naturally checked there. The three parts that I need 1HO199609J, 357199402C, and 1HO199262L costs just $95 at Autohauz. Has...
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    WTB 98 Jetta 14" Jetta Steel Wheels

    I had a wreck where I was hit in the front end and after replacing the steering rack, both front bearings, both half shafts, and both rear bearings I still have a vibration problem. I need a couple steelies to see if my problem is in the wheels. Thanks!
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    98 Jetta Front Fender

    I have asked in classified, but as of yet I have got no response. Does anyone know where I can get a 98 Jetta Left front fender with an antenna hole? The ones I see on eBay are minus the antenna hole.
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    WTB 98 Jetta Left Front Fender

    I am looking for a left front fender that has the hole for an antenna. Anybody know where I can buy one?
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    IQ Setting

    I just replaced to upper and lower seals on my 98 Jetta. Before I started I checked the IQ and it was 2.4 warmed up. The IQ setting is out of spec, but the car runs great. After replacing the seals and adjustment my IQ setting is 2.6. Should I adjust the setting up to over 3. It runs fine. What...
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    Dodge Ram Sport 50 2.3L Diesel

    I'm looking for someone with experence and connections to part for the Mitsubishi2.3L Diesel engine. I just got my 84 Dodge Ram Sport 50 Diesel this last weekend and it runs very well. I know I need to becareful with this engine as finding parts is difficult. This truck is way faster than my...
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    Seeking AC Answers for 98 Jetta

    Last summer I just put up with these problems, but this year I would like to fix them before the season start. 1.) The first problem with the Air Conditioning was what looked like smoke coming from the vents. There was a tendacy for the smoke to come and go and it was not always when it was...
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    ULSD & Biodiesel

    I have to admit I'm afraid of this combination. In just lost the injector pump in my 1981 Rabbit Diesel Pickup. I have been running close to B50 all summer. After just one tank of ULSD and biodiesel, my injector pump has failed. The place that I am getting my injector pump rebuilt told me that...