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    Diesel fuel additive testing cover-up

    There was a study done on diesel fuel additives on how they improve or make worse the lubricity in ULSD fuel for The Diesel Place by Arlen Spicer. You can read the file HERE I know that it will affect which additives I choose to use in the future!
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    BEW Glow Plugs

    When they change out the glow plugs, do they also change the 3 that are in the coolant system on those with the manual transmission to the new steel style also?
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    1991 Golf Country

    I had the honor of seeing my first left hand drive 1991 Golf Country today. Our European friends may be familiar with them but they are as scarce as hens teeth here in North America. These are how they were sold in 1991. The unit that I saw and touched, looked like the pictures above. It...
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    Trouble with belt tensioner

    I am having a problem with the serpentine belt tensioner. The car is a 2K5 Jetta TDI Wagon with 137,400 Km on it (85,340 miles) It is making a weird sound when at idle. I have taken an avi movie of it at idle. Notice how it vibrates back...
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    Belt tensioner problem

    Moved to power upgrade section.
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    MaxiTrip 4 in 1 computer

    Has anybody taken a look at the MaxiTrip TP100 4in1 Trip Computer? It looks and works like the ScanGuage unit but looks a little better on the dash. And it is only $149.99 at Princess Auto here in Canada.
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    DJAuto blacked out E-code's for sale

    I now have my DJAuto E-codes cleaned up and ready for sale. These are both E4 & DOT stamped so they are legal in the USA. They have the blacked out background with the fog and new 4-LED City lights. I have the Lamin-x 40Mil lens protectors on and they do not have any damage. I do have the...
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    FS: Diesel Power Digi-PD-Pro & TPC for BEW

    I now have my Diesel Power Digi-PD-Pro (BEW) and the matched TPC for sale. This unit has the wire to the Throttle Positioning Sensor. This means that the fuel delivery returns to stock timing when in cruise control. This is the best way to have tuning box power and have the stock fuel economy...
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    How inaccurate are our odometers?

    I saw this article on MSN Money and how a lawyer won his case against Honda for their inaccurate odometers and how it may affect warrenties. . I wonder if VW's share the same errors? This would...
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    FS: Genuine Hex USB Cable

    FS: Genuine Hex-USB Cable I am no longer using my genuine Ross-Tech Hex-USB (not CAN) cable so I am asking $200 and I will ship to you. You can download the free software from
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    Some '08 models will cost more than $1 a mile.

    Some '08 models will cost more than $1 a mile. So you've swallowed hard and figured out what you'll need for the down-payment on your new car. You've even worked in the price of gasoline. But before you sign on that dotted line, better figure in a range of other factors, including insurance...
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    Can you identify this VW?

    There are a number of vehicular accident pictures going around the internet but these struck home. The previous emails with these pictures stated "Beware of the Smart Cars!" Smart cars have a 3 bolt rim and not a 5 bolt as shown. Now they are going around again in "Accident Saftey" emails...
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    FS: Pressure Regulation Tool

    Here is an invaluable tool for your tool chest. Use this compact tool to adjust your boost valve up to 30 PSI or even check you boost gauge to verify that it is still accurate. Highly adjustable for repeatable results. You do not even need to remove your existing boost control valve or boost...
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    A W12 in a Golf!!

    The Germans have done it again by following Renaults lead and shoe horned in a W12 befind the seats in this Golf. Can anybody from Germany or Austria get us some more pictures of this? I wonder if the Audi T10 motor can be fit into the rear of the Station Wagon?? Enjoy the article at The...
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    GTG and Grand Opening of Canadian Green Fuels in Regina on June 23rd

    We have been invited to the Grand Opening of the Canadian Green Fuels BioDiesel Plant in Regina on June 23rd. They are asking if we want to do a show and shine and probably test some of the new product line. ;) The plant is located at 1620 McAra Street, Regina, SK. I will be talking more...
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    Getting Diesel – from Natural Gas?

    Here is the article that could revolutionize how we run our vehicles with a Cetane of "70". :D :D :D Getting Diesel from Natural Gas (with picture) What's believed to be the world's first publicly running cars that use a revolutionary new fuel have been unveiled in
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    Intake Air temp sensor

    Does anybody know where the Intake Air (IA) temp sensor is located on the 2K5 PD100 BEW motor? I have the view Ia option on the Scan Gauge II and would like to know just where this is located.
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    Where is the water thermostate located?

    I am having problems getting heat in the interior and in the motor. I can drive in to work (40Km) at highway speeds and it will only get up to 71C-81C and will start to drop as soon as I slow down for the city. I already have the front radiator blocked off and it was only -18C (OF) outside...
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    My $15 pressure regulator used to adjust the boost valve

    Here is my homemade pressure regulator valve that I used to setup the boost valve. I can adjust the pressure in from the air compressor by turning the silver knob at the bottom of the inlet regulator and have the outlet ball valve closed. I can then fine tune the air pressure using this...
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    Flying J is in Moose Jaw and is coming to Regina!

    The Shell station on the North Service road in Moose Jaw is changing over to the Flying J. The Flying J is also going to be opening up in Regina in the near future. Gas was listed at .959 for regular and .957 for diesel. Both also received a $.035 price drop at the till. Flying J will be run by...