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    03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5spd Silver/Blk cloth - NE Ohio

    03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5spd Silver/Blk cloth - NE Ohio ~198kmi Pretty much every wear item replaced. Lifted w/ 215/75r15's. Self tuned for stock turbo/nozzles and upgraded clutch (IDparts quiet clutch kit). Typical front fender and hatch corner rust. Full Buzzken SS exhaust with cat and...
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    03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5sp Silver - Maintenance, Mods, Pics

    ******this post and thread will be fluid for a while until I get everything typed into it nicely******* 03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5sp Silver - Black cloth interior - Maintenance and Mods Stock nozzles, IC, IC Piping, Has all headrests, and rear cargo cover (in perfect condition), glove box is not...
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    GSW cargo area "Pet Hair Keeper-Offer"

    Recently sold my 2011 mk6 JSW with black interior back to VW with 100 lbs of long white Border Collie hair ground into the carpeted side walls of the cargo area and also into the carpeted seat backs. Unless you grab each piece of hair with tweezers, you're not getting it out from being...
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    2015 VW MDI to IPOD cable 5N0035554K - Ohio

    Selling my 2015 VW MDI to Ipod cable I've never used it, though previous owner my have. I bought car with ~25kmi in November, 2017. VW Part number: 5N0035554K 5N0 035 554 K 5N0-035-554-K In excellent condition, zero crud/dirt/dust/marring/scratches/gouges/etc. I've kept it in a Ziploc since...
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    mk7 GSW SEL handling spring rates XDS VAQ etc

    I see a lot of people saying the mk7 torsion beam handles terribly, the car in general handles terribly, etc etc. And I tend to disagree. I think with my SEL 18's the stock suspension rides quite firm feeling, and corners well. You can REALLY lay it into tight on/off ramps and generally...
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    2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI SEL DSG Pure White/Quartz Grey

    More Pics found in post 4 ...This thread will be very liquid for a while... The Basics: 2015 VW Golf Sportwagen TDI SEL DSG ~25k miles at purchase on November 13, 2017 Leather multifunction steering wheel with paddle shifters Pure White Quartz Grey V-Tex Sport Leatherette two tone heated Fender...
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    Looking for MFSW with DSG Paddle for 2011 JSW

    Looking for MFSW with DSG Paddle for 2011 JSW Thought I'd try in here since I'm not having much luck in the For Sale Forum.
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    mk6 JSW options list per each year

    Is there a list someplace that breaks down the options/items available and VW option packages that were available on USA spec mk6 TDI JSW's specifically per each model year? For instance, pushbutton start, HD radio, premium sound system, HID lighting, needle sweep, flappy paddles for DSG...
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    DPF Pressure Sensor Pressure Reading Question

    I haven't found very much info on the pressure sensors in the CR TDI exhaust... or at least not the info I'm looking for. Much can be found on their failures, but not much on the data they're telling us. I have a PolarFIS on my 2011 JSW and it shows "DPF pressure". My question is where...
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    If you buy a CR car now...?

    If you buy a CR car right now from a private party for what VW is going to give them, and after you own it completely, you then sign up the car you now own for the fix... Do you get the whole restitution money? Or do you have to split it with the previous owner?
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    Question - Opt for fix, what if no fix, how to get "fix money"?

    Sorting through all the zillion threads to find a specific answer is beginning to feel almost life ending... I love my 2011 JSW DSG Pano. I would love to keep it as-is (DSG tune only), but someone (VW) is trying to give me some money to make some emissions changes to it. Thus, my question...
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    WTB: Dieselgate takeoff DSG paddle wheel & PolarFIS

    If you're doing the Dieselgate buyback and you have a DSG flappy paddle steering wheel and a PolarFIS Advanced Display that will work on my 2011 JSW TDI DSG, I would be interested in purchasing. Let me know what you have, thanks!
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    2011 JSW Cent Elec & Cent Conv Comunication Faults

    2011 JSW DSG with Pano All I wanted to do was make the windows open/close, and make the gauges sweep. Why, oh why is that too much to ask??? Sweep: I probably have the wrong cluster for it, didn't investigate yet, no biggie, just would have been cool. But the point of the thread is that...
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    00 Jetta TDI GLS 5sd Rebuilt Salvage Title

    00 Jetta TDI GLS 5sd Rebuilt Salvage Title - OH SOLD! 00 Jetta TDI GLS 5sd Sedan 280,000 miles and it will slowly go up, as I DD it. Title: Rebuilt Salvage Title in hand and in my name. VERY light front end wreck. I did all the work fixing it. I cut and welded the front 6" of the drivers...
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    FS mk4 Thule Rapid Aero Bars and Fairing - NE Ohio

    For sale: mk4 Thule Rapid Aero Bars and Fairing - NE Ohio Location: just south of Youngstown, OH 44514 Local pickup preferred. Will ship at buyers expense. Will deliver or meet up with you within a reasonable distance. I go to Pittsburgh often and all local (2hr drive) MTB areas very...
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    FS: B4 TDI OEM Plastic Skid, Oilpan Skid, Engine Cover

    I have the following items for sale from a 96 Passat Sedan TDI B4 chassis: OEM Plastic / fiberglass Engine Skid Pan - SOLD (not sure why it has so many parts numbers on it) 3A0 825 235 D - 3A0 825 237 D 3A0 825 235 E - 3A0 825 237 E 3A0 825 235 F - 3A0 825 237 F Condition: The passengers front...
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    Dealership / Sales Lot Salesman FS Threads

    Many people seem to thank the few car dealership salesmen/women on this site for providing them a good now or used car-buying experience... But does there have to be a FS ad for each car on their lot? Yes, that is me exaggerating a tad, however, there is 7 threads right now on the front...
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    02 Allroad BHW swap w/ euro TDI 6MT

    The Basics: 2002 Audi Allroad (originally a 2.7biturbo auto) Atlas Grey Dark grey roof (matches the grey on the plastics) ~181k miles on the chassis Two tone heated leather seats front and rear Rare 3rd row seating Exterior additions: Roof cross bars - several different brands/styles Shorty...
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    06 Golf TDI GLS Tiptronic Blk/Blk cloth 110k - OH

    ...SOLD... Sold for the current asking price. 2006 Golf TDI GLS 4 door 110,000 miles and it will slowly go up, as I DD it about every third day. 09A Tiptronic Auto transmission that is a riot to drive and shifts great. (this is NOT the dreaded 01M that is in the ALH mk4's) Black exterior...
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    BHW swap ECM pin questions

    I'm using a BHW for an engine swap, and while rooting through all the wiring diagrams, I noticed a lack of "constant 12v power" to the ECM. Then I found something on "Passat - Standard Equipment" page 48/2... This wire escaped me because it's not super clear. It says that a 1.0 sized "ro"...