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    erWin down load help needed

    I got a subscription for erWin to get manual for my car. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to download the data so it is on my PC. I know others have done it, I just can't figure out how. I tried to export it as a PDF, all I got was page 1. TIA
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    P2031 error code- help please

    The fun with this car just continues. Quick errand last night and I was treated with the check engine light on and the glow plug light flashing. Pulled codes, it was; P2031 Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor: Bank 1 Sensor 2. I need to know where this sensor is located and what is the correct part number...
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    2014 JSW strange stumble

    My 14 JSW I picked up in April has within the last 2 weeks begun to have a strange stumble. It usually happens the 1st or 2nd time I accelerate from a stop after a startup. Doesn't seem to matter if engine is hot or cold. When accelerating it feels like the engine is in limp mode and the...
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    FS- HID headlights from my 02 Golf TDI

    My 02 Golf will no longer pass state of Maine safety inspection due to rust. I am parting it out before I send it to the junk yard. The European HID headlights are the first to go, HID is for low beam only. They are in excellent condition, best offer, buyer pays shipping.
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    How much fuel used during a regen?

    I did a few searches, here and Google, and couldn't find this info. I was wondering how much fuel is used during a regen? I know it is going to vary some depending on various factors but I figured there would be a range of fuel used.
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    HID recommendations?

    I am picking up a '14 Jetta TDI Sportwagon next week. I had OEM HID's in my '02 Golf and upgrading the Sportwagon to HID's is a priority for me. Can anybody recommend a quality bi-xenon HID setup? I would like as high a quality unit as I can get without spending the $$$$$$ for the OEM units. I...
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    stripped head removing glow plug- help

    I am in the process of changing all 4 Glow Plugs on my 02 Golf. The car has been hard to start this winter and all 4 GP's are bad. I have 290K miles on the car and 2 of the GP's are the original ones. On removal, 3 of the plugs came out easy but one of the original ones came out hard. On that...
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    507 oil in a VE engine???

    I have about 8 quarts of 5w-30 507 oil I bought for my Passat. With the buyback happening today, :), and the need to do an oil change on my 02 Golf. I was wondering if it was okay to use the 507 oil in my VE engine. I know there was a thread about this a while back, but I can't find it now.
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    Error 703??

    I just tried to upload my 7 page acceptance document and I got this error message. "Error Code 403- Please contact VW Claims at ...." After one hour on the phone, the claims folks are clueless as to the issue. They told me their IT dept would reset my account and to try again in 24 hours and...
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    '12 Passat clutch circuit help needed

    My car has been sitting since the first of the year, just over two weeks ago I noticed some yellowish fluid coming out from under my car. I thought it was just snow/slush finally melting and I ignored it, but after 2 weeks it hadn't dried up. When I checked it out I discovered it was slippery...
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    TPMS will not reset

    Had a long drive yesterday, 650 miles, about half way thru my "check tire pressure" warning came on. Car handled fine, front tires were about equal in how hot they were, rear tires even and slightly cooler, no pressure gauge with me. When I got home, let tire cool some and pressures were...
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    2002 TDI- need help- hard starting, low power

    I have an 02 Golf TDI that is taking longer to crank than usual before it starts and it seems down on power. The car has 278K miles on it, about 80K since last guru done timing belt. I have about 170K miles on the nozzles. Timing graph shows timing, at temp, varying between 42-44. A bit low but...
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    2 issues with 02 TDI Golf

    Hi folks, I have 2 issues with my 02 TDI Golf, w/280K miles on it. First, about 3 months ago it began to not start occasionally. Dash lights come on, glow plug light comes on and goes off, turn key to start and nothing happens, engine does not turn over. It has happened to my wife several times...
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    I need front springs for my 02 Golf TDI

    As I continue to work on replacing my broken front Koni strut I have found that the spring is also broken. :( I have no reason to change the spring settings from OEM. I have searched my usual sources of parts and have come up empty. I was also hoping to only change the one that is broken and not...
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    Strut spring compressor, I'm looking for recommendations

    I need to change the struts on my 02 Golf, one of the spring mounts on my Koni Reds collapsed/broke to the point it rubbed on and ruined a new snow tire. :( None of my local auto parts stores will rent a spring compressor so I need to buy one. I am looking for recommendations on what kind to...
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    Rain sensor auto window issue

    I had a strange thing happen with the windows on my car. I enabled the auto window close via rain sensor over a year ago. It has always closed the windows if I left them open when it rained. I have also left them open going into work on a sunny day and they were closed at the end of the day...
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    Looking for info for OEM HID install on my 02 Golf

    I have a set of OEM HID's for my 02 Golf that I was about to finally install. I have the HID lamp assemblies and the adapter jumper. The left assembly has an extra plug that the right assembly does not have. I was wondering what it is for. I understand these assemblies have the leveling motors...
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    Haunted Headlights

    I had an unusual experience with my headlights this morning. Headed off on my trip at 4am this morning, about 20 minutes into the trip my right headlight (LB) went out and my left headlight (LB) went dim. I didn't try the high beams. About 10 seconds later the MFI told me to check my right low...
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    Fuel Filter ?

    This may have been beat to death in another CR related forum. I did some quick searches but didn't find anything. I was wondering how good the stock fuel filter was and what it's ratings were. If it might be worth while to install a 2 micron CAT filter to ensure the fuel was clean and particle...
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    Mission impossible... finding a good dealer in NE.

    I am looking to buy a new TDI. Is there a dealer in ME, southern NH or eastern MA that folks can recommend one go to, sales or service? I know where the Guru's are for service, I am concerned about delivery setup. I know there are many to stay away from. The only one I have heard anything...