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    Beetle belly pan - Picture

    I have the OEM off my 2000 Beetle still floating around somewhere (upgraded to a Panzer Plate). I imagine shipping is a bear. I'm in east central
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    TDI Town & Country

    Nice! Glad to hear of the update. Keep the updates coming.
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    FS KY Clutch Stage 3 Puck [SOLD]

    Thanks, ecala001. Sounds like it should fit my 2000 Beetle. I'll confirm and LYK. Does it come with any hardware? Throwout bearing? Alignment tool?
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    FS KY Clutch Stage 3 Puck [SOLD]

    What year(s) does this fit? The description says Stage 3 Puck, but sounds like this is the complete kit (puck, flywheel, throw out bearing, pressure plate)?
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    FS: AHU complete engine/swap, VNT 17/22, Malone Stage 5, R520s, Trans, Wavetrac, D24

    Are the Race 520's Stage 1 or Stage 2? (Difference is number of holes: Stage 2 = 7 holes)
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    FS: DLC 764 nozzles, ALH

    Please Answer Previous Questions I'm interested in the same questions as racerxtdi. Please respond.
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    Crank seal replacement

    FYI - just doing a TB on my Buddy's TDI - he ordered a crank seal from Rock Auto and it came the wrong size. So I search the TDI forum and sure enough...we're not alone. Hallowhead's comments above are exactly what we found as well. After searching the Google for details, I discovered this -...
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    New and genuine Bosch DSLA150P764 .216 nozzles

    Still got these nozzles? What Country/State are you in?
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    TDI Town & Country

    Yep - the Dakota Digital is the box I was looking at. Sounds like it's just what I need. So unless someone buys Frankenvan real soon <ahem> I may just get to that. It's THE last sub-system to bring online (tachometer) and that would just button this project up nicely. Motohead1 - where did you...
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    TDI Town & Country

    I did consider a low-temp cut-out. That wouldn't solve the problem of needing a low-pressure cut-out, which I think is more critical. Which is why I'm veering more towards a tach interface to see if I can get the Chrysler HVAC to take control properly. Good suggestion though!
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    TDI Town & Country

    Got the AC working today. :cool: Could not get the Chrysler HVAC controller to engage the AC clutch. I suspect it's because the system thinks the engine isn't running (lack of tach signal). So I installed a manual switch on the dash. The switch feeds a signal to the VW fan controller which then...
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    FS: 1998 Town & Country TDI Conversion in Iowa

    Got the AC working today. Better hurry up and buy it before I decide to keep it. Outside temp was 81*F. Cold air coming out at around 45*F.
  15. AC Works - here's proof!

    AC Works - here's proof!

    Got the AC working today.
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    FS: 1998 Town & Country TDI Conversion in Iowa

    $3,500. PM me for pictures/details/questions. Small updates - oil pressure gauge functional now w/no leaks. Tires are General brand, not Douglas as referenced above. Hurry up and buy this van before I destroy the tires from all the burnouts I am doing (just kidding!) Brand new clutch master...
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    FS: 1998 Town & Country TDI Conversion in Iowa

    I'm selling my ever-famous 1998 Chrysler Town & Country, aka "Frankendiesel" minivan. I started this project back in 2008 and it has been a great project. My time is valuable and I need to divert it to my family, so my project needs to move on to a new owner who will give it the attention it...
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    Tell Us About Your Running Swaps: Mileage Racked Up,Impressions,Things You Would....

    Diesel Town & Country Mileage since swap: ~30k Started driving: June 2008 Best mileage: 40mpg mixed driving (it doesn't like interstate speeds all that much) Impressions: It's been a fun learning experience. This van definitely is a conversation piece. Some parts of me regret doing it - it...