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    2005 Passat GLS Wagon - SE PA $4800

    I HAVE SOLD MY WAGON!!!! 3rd Annual Smith VW Performance and Tuning show Nice wagon. Silver w/ black Leather interior. Sunroof. Third owner. New camshaft, lifters, and bearings, (ID Parts) and timing belt kit ( belt, rollers, tensioner, and water pump -Diesel Geek). Transmission serviced...
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    2001 VW Golf 2-dr 5-spd $5.2k SE PA

    SOLD. 2001 VW Golf 2-dr 5-spd SE PA Car is Sold. Thank You. Currently 173.5k miles. Had at Impexfest in Spring (Baltimore). Please see CL ad for photos. TB etc. ~ 14k ago. Just turned 173.5k. 5-spd swap. PA inspect 6/16. SMF G60 / VR6...