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    Injector Cleaner? Or Varnish Remover?

    Recalling Toofer's thread on his homebrew injector cleaner and his creative use of power service and VM&P Naptha I was in Lowes' hardware today getting some stuff - I actually picked this up because it looked like the most intense thing there (same ingredients as varnish remover, but less...
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    FS: 2002 4 speed automatic transmission.

    FS: 4 speed automatic transmission. $1400, 01M FDB, 2002 I have 2 months that my car can be in the garage getting gutted. I have a 2002 with a good 4 speed automatic transmission (01M). At 80,000 mi I changed the fluid with VW OEM fluid, the filter, gasket, performed the Kerma Line Pressure...
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    FS: grey interior parts.

    I'm switching my interior from grey to black. Now's your chance to get any grey parts! Grey seats, grey glovebox, grey armrest, grey plastic paneling and carpet!
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    WTB: used VR6/G60 clutch/flywheel, taller 5th gear.

    Hey, I know this is a long shot. Looks like I will have a chance to install a manual transmission in my car and I want to see if I can solicit some used upgrades so I can install them now rather than R&R the transmission to install them.
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    Brainstorm: rear wheel fairing

    I will have some time in the next month to sit on the driveway with and see if I can come up with something. I am going to sit with a large block of foam and carve a model of a fairing for the rear wheels, then make a negative master with fiberglass (got any better suggestions), and then use...
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    Brainstorm: Racing discs

    Well, this is sort of a scion off of another thread. I have no idea how one wuld attach racing discs to an alloy wheel, but they do make pop on and screw ons for steelies. The cheapest I found them was from - $70 + $10 shipping, and they claim to have...
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    WTB: clutch pedal, shifter linkage and shifter.

    I have someone who will sell me his manual out of his 5-6 speed manual swap, but I will need to supply the clutch pedal, shifter linkage, and shifter. Anyone have one?
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    Need new AC hose, will a gasser hose work?

    I posted this in A4 maintenance a few days ago but no replies, so maybe someone from here will be able to answer. The suction line from the firewall to compressor on my 02 Jetta Sedan developed a leak. I took it to a few places attempting a repair, but we weren't able to fix it. I need a new...
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    *(%R&!(@#!!!! Stupid $!@$ A/C LINE!: an ongoing saga

    In the summer I switched my refrigerant from R-134a to HC-12a. A few months later, I started smelling the pine scent in the HC-12a in my engine bay, and a few weeks after that, I lost my charge. I eventually tracked the leak down to a crack in the rubber part of the hose from the expansion valve...
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    WTB: Suction line. A/C from evap to condensor. 99-03 Jetta Sedan

    Title says it all. Part # 1J1 820 743 J
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    How to repaint interior trim?

    The paint/rubber coating from my vents is bubbling off and showing the grey ABS underneath. I can pull the parts out and strip the rubber off easily enough. I'm just wondering how should I repaint them? Is it ok to use a plastic primer and then paint? Since the vent symbols are just masked off...
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    Help! How to remove the lower control arm?

    You think it would be simple... The front bushing is held in with an 18mm bolt right behind the automatic transmission pan. I had to use an open ended wrench to loosen it, and then when I try to pull the bolt out, i pull it into the ATF pan, and I'm like... uh... I'm -not- going to change my ATF...
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    Notes on replacing the LEDs on the dash and doors

    I am not a friend of Red, as I much prefer Indigo. So, when I found 3mm 440nm indigo LEDs I thought that I had found a match for the cluster lights, and bought them to replace all of the red indicator lights in the car. Here is what I've found out... Either these leds aren't 440nm (though I...
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    Do you think its possible to fix the water temp gauge?

    You know what I'm talking about. The glorified idiot light. The gauge that would be better off as a light that blinks. Is there any way to open it up and tweak it so that it actually sweeps and displays the temp?
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    Charlotte NC GTG, Dec 2 or 9? - Poll

    Seems like the 2nd or 9th are teh best dates for a GTG, but some of us can't make the 2nd or 9th. So here's a poll so we can figure out which is best.
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    Unknown clunking sound. Please help.

    Today while driving around I noticed a clunking sound. Its already started to get worse. When stopped once I remove my foot from the brakes and the car moves forward it clunks (usually, not always). Other times in motion it will clunk every few sounds to a minute. Usually if it clunks it will...
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    Installing ESP onto a 2002 Jetta

    Hi, I'm starting this thread to chronicle my adventure and to get advice if I mess up. After reading Tongsli's excellent thread on installing ESP onto these cars and seeing BVAMotorsport's special price for the kit I sprung for it. A little bit of safety, and maybe I can get my insurance company...
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    Leaking AC hose. Fixable?

    Its either post here or in General Automotive, where no one looks, so since I want people to actually see this thread I'm posting it in TDI 101. My AC has had a very small leak in it for several months. I first noticed it when I switched to HC-12a when the R-134a wasn't working. So, apparently...
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    Need 2 wires. 000 979 009

    Actually, I need one wire, but two ends. I ordered the wrong wire for a project and now I just need this, but my dealership wants to order a pack of 5, and everywhere else online has $8 shipping or something ludicrous on a wire. I have extra 000 979 129s if anyone wants.
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    Routing cables inside the car? From the engine to the trunk.

    I want to relocate my battery to my trunk so that I can use the space where the battery was to house the WVO conversion (valves, FPHE, and filter). Now, I could route both the coolant hoses and battery cables under the car but that seems to me to be inelegant and potentially problematic. So...