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    Worn out A/C Compressor?

    2006 BRM w/ 370k. Driven in West Texas so A/C use pretty much continuous from March-October. Recently I've noticed the A/C performing getting weak at idle, the air from the vents becomes noticably warm and humid. The fans are running and the car does not overheat. I evacuated and recharged the...
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    Sunroof Drain Question

    Quick question, is there enough "bend" in the headliner to pull down the front and get access to the front drain connections? I (stupidly) did not fully seal the front sunroof drains where they connect to the sunroof and they now dump water in the interior. If I can gain enough access by...
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    Mk5 Rally Bar

    Anybody seen one of these?
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    WTB- MK5 A Pillar Covers

    Looking for non-cracked / non-broken Mk5 a-pillar covers. Thanks!
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    Stiff Shifting WHen Hot, Not Clutch Related

    I have a 2006 that I recently installed a salvage yard manual trans in with about 160k miles. When cold, the transmission shifts smooth as glass. No issues whatsoever. When the vehicle is hot, like has been idling in place for a little while, the shifter binds when shifting into any gear. There...
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    WTB: OEM Mk5 Steel Belly Pan w/ Brackets

    On the off-chance somebody has one of these for sale, I'm looking for the complete OEM VW Mk5 steel belly pan kit.
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    Part Number Request- BRM Coolant / Fuel Hardline Clips

    My VW parts Google-fu is failing me on this one- what are the part numbers for the clips that secure the three hardlines (coolant and fuel) that run across the front of the BRM valve cover to the valve cover? Two parts, one is a plastic separator and one is held down by a valve cover bolt...
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    OEM VW Steel Skidplate Part Number?

    Anybody have this? I've finally decided to add a skid plate and apparently there's a OEM steel plate that could be installed. I can't find a part number, anybody have one?
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    Clutch Contaminated w/ Gear Oil- Any Hope?

    Lesson learned. Some of y'all may have seen my Tranny Hunting post, my 02J transmission had a loud bearing noise that I mistakenly believed would give me more time before it went catastrophic. Well it did, 40 miles into a 1600 mile road trip. The transmission let loose it's gear oil inside the...
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    Good salvage yards in PA

    I'm in PA for a month for work, any decent salvage yards or you-pull-its in the area?
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    Tranny Hunting in Texas

    Looking for a decent used manual transmission for a 2006 BRM. Open to buying an entire parts car if for sale.
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    WTB: Bosal Hitch Ball Cap

    I'm looking for the plastic cap that goes over the hitch ball on the Bosal hitches. Anybody have one laying around?
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    Quick Question- Head Bolt Re-Tightening

    I mistakenly loosened four head bolts when I should have been loosening cam bearing cap bolts. Did this just become a head job or would I be good just replacing the four bolts I loosened?
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    Transmission Advice / Suggestions

    Looking at options to repair a 2006 Jetta with 340k miles. I've developed a loud whine that I've narrowed down to the bearings near the differential. Wanting to go with either a reman or rebuild a junkyard pull myself. Couple questions: Any recommendations for a vendor with a good reman? How...
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    Clutch Master Cylinder Failure- Brake Fluid into Cabin

    Question for y'all: is there an installation mistake that could cause a clutch master cylinder to pour fluid out the front and into the cabin? I'm certain I installed the part right, but when I went to bleed it and didn't build pressure, sure as heck there was a puddle of brake fluid on the...
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    BRM Clutch Recommendation?

    So here I am again picking the brains of forum members here for recommendations on a new clutch. Car: BRM, 326,xxx miles Malone Stage 1.5 Mostly highway driving, frequent towing Noise is important to me. The SMF synchro rattle was cool for a while but now it's just annoying. I'd like to...
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    Behind Grille Light Ideas?

    I do a lot of rural, backroad driving in deer / hog country and I'm looking at enhancing my forward vision range. I've seen a lot of "cheap Amazon / eBay redneck lightbar bolted to front of grille"....and I'm looking for some ideas on something a little less tacky. Ideally these would be...
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    VNT Stop Screw Adjustment Question

    Has anyone on here been able to actually adjust the VNT stop screw on their stock BRM turbo? I know that the "zip-tie" mod achieves the same result, but I'm trying to actually adjust the screw properly. Looking at the locknut, not only is it too close to the oil return line to get a socket on...
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    Experience with Headliner Replacements

    The original headliners in the Mk5 Jettas had a thing for sagging and falling apart. Has anybody here had theirs replaced under warranty? If so, what's your experience with the replacement? Is it holding up well? I'm replacing mine, but the one I removed is not usable for re-covering. I'm...
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    Die Cast TDI Jetta??

    Maybe it's a little silly, but I love the idea of having a die cast model of my car sitting on my desk. I've found one on Google, but it's almost $150. Wondering if anyone had any idea where there may be more.