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    Dealer says it's fine to drive while waiting for DPF

    Is that true? My DPF light has been on for a few months on my daughter's car. I brought the car to the dealer to verify there wasn't something else going on with the car. Dealer said that the DPFs are on nationwide backorder and that I could keep driving the car without damaging anything...
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    Would mud guards from a MK6 Golf fit JSW?

    Part number 5K0075111. I went to ECS Tuning and website says it won't fit. I though JSW were the same as MK6 Golfs; does anyone have any first had experience whether they are compatible? Thanks -Nick
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Last night I noticed some chirping coming from under the hood at low rpms. When I got home, I left the car in neutral and it was still chirping. This morning, I drove into work and and noticed the noise went away when accelerating as well as when at higher rpms. I have video with sound but...
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    WTB- Ross Tech VAG Com

    Need it to do some maintenance on my cars. I have a 2011 JSW, 2015 GSW and 2018 Atlas. Thanks.
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    Options for mud guards on JSW?

    I really like the Rally Armour ones on my GSW, but it doesn't look like they make them for the JSW. I liked them because, unlike stock mud guards, they don't contact any metal part of the body to potentially wear on the paint and eventually rust. Has anyone had any luck with aftermarket mud...
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    Does this look normal for battery and alternator?

    I recently came across a dead battery on my new to me 2011 JSW (purchased from VW dealer, not CPO). After putting it on a charger for a few hours, I brought it to my local auto parts store and requested they do their free battery and alternator testing. After putting their machine on the car...
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    Programming new key; not going exactly as expected

    I have a 2011 JSW and am trying to program a new key I bought from and rented the VAGTACHO from them. Looking at some videos and websites, it appears there are several ECUs that cover 2011. There is VDO V3 for MY 2011-2013 and VDO V1, V2 for MY 2009-2011. Will either one work...
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    How soon should I pay off my car financed through VW?

    Not TDI-specific but I just purchased a car last month and financed $23,000 through VW Credit in order to get the cheapest out the door price ($25,000 minus $2K down payment) for the car. My intention the entire time is to buy out the car at the soonest opportunity. I received my first...
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    How do you remove side air vent?

    There is an annoying rattle that I’d like to eliminate and suspect it is something related to this vent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2006 Jetta manual transmission 274k miles $2,800 obo

    SOLD: 2006 Jetta manual transmission 274k miles $2,800 obo I It is equipped with Package 2 (leather, multifunction steering wheel, sunroof) Silver exterior is a 7 out of 10, with a few parking lot dings, a few chips, no rot. Headlights are nice and clear because I just polished and put a coat...
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    Anyone ever swap and manual transmission for a DSG?

    I bought this nice 06 Jetta for my daughter but she is refusing to drive a manual. I know there are a lot of people that prefer a manual over a DSG and do the swap. How difficult would it be to swap the manual to DSG?
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    Anybody interested in trading their MKV DSG TDI sedan for a 2006 MKV manual sedan?

    I purchased this car (MKV manual TDI sedan) for my new teenage driver but she is the most stubborn kid in the world and refuses to drive a manual. It is a really nice car, except it is a manual. Just wondering if anyone had a similar car, except a DSG they would consider trading?
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    More brake dust on rear wheels than the front wheels

    What is the best way to determine whether the brakes are dragging or not? There is a noticeable difference in the amount of brake dust that is covering both rear wheels compared to the front. At first I thought the brakes may be dragging and could be the reason I am only getting about 35 mpg...
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    VW 17” Avignon Wheels with tires FS

    Selling a set of Avignon wheels with tires that have a bit of life left on them. They are 5x112 ET 54 with some minor curb rash. All have the VW center caps. Located in Charleston, SC and prefer local pickup. $200 for all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Manual leather shift boot replacement?

    The leather on my shift boot is falling apart and I was wondering if there are any places that sells replacements? On my B4 (RIP), the shift knob just screws off and the entire shift assembly comes off the center console; is that the same for the MKV?
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    How do you keep your rear window clean?

    Every morning when I get in my 2006 Jetta to go to work, the back window had some water on the outside of rear window. It is a significant restriction to visibility from the rear view mirror. After doing about 10 miles, the rear window starts to clear up. On my wagon, a quick pass of the rear...
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    Is there a way to test rear defroster?

    On my 2006 Jetta, I suspect the rear window defroster is not working. The button lights up when I press it but it doesn’t clear the window like in my other cars. I know the rear window was replaced with an aftermarket one at some point before I bought the car. Is there a way to...
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    Change air filter, is this normal?

    I got this 2006 MK5 a few months ago and started changing out some filters. I changed the engine air filter and noticed the spring loaded door is stuck opened. Is that normal or should it be closed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Airbag light just came on...

    2 nights ago, I tried to swap stock radios from a 2009 Jetta into my 2006 Jetta (following the step by step instructions from myturbodiesel) only to find out the 2009 radio is "tied" to the actual car and I would need the radio code for it to work. I decided it wasn't worth the hassle of trying...
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    G70 Transmission fluid not recommended for warm weather?

    I want to change the transmission fluid on my manual 2006 MK5 Jetta. It has about 270,000 miles on it and no records of it being changed. Having searched the forums for a few hours, it seems that many people are using VW's G70 fluid. One thing that I noticed is people saying it is great it...