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    Buying a car in Abbotsford, BC

    Hi Guys, I am interested in buying a car from BC that I would import to Quebec. I wouldn't go thru all these problems if the car wouldn't be rusted all over here in Quebec. The one I am seeking is particularly very clean but, I'd like to know if one of you is in the area and wouldn't mind...
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    Custom made Turbo Kit for GTB1756VK

    Sold. Thank you.
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    2004 Wagon Jetta GLS TDI - PD130M6 - Quebec

    2004 Wagon Jetta GLS TDI - PD130, 6 Speed, vnt17 - Quebec Sold.
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    PD100 Injectors with Firad +80% Nozzles

    Sold. Thanks
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    Garantie de VW pour la perforation

    Check engine bizarre Salut, Est-ce possible de sauté un ECU en envoyant l'auto à la peinture? Mon ordi possède depuis un code d'erreur avec la mémoire "ROM" et la lumière de GP flash depuis. Je vais mettre le code exacte en fin de semaine. Merci!
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    PD100 Injectors with Firad +80 Nozzles

    Hi, Selling a set of BEW Injectors (PD100) mounted with Firead +80% Nozzles. I was planning to replace my PD130 injectors but the car is currently winterized and thinking about some other projects. If they don’t sell, they will probably go in the wagon this summer. I am asking $950 shipped to...
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    FS: New South Performance Indigo Gauges + Steering Pod + 3bar Map

    Hi All, I purchased some time ago some gauges that I never installed on my TDI. Rather than keeping them up here and not using them, I figured I would be posting them up for sale to see if there’s any interest for them As pictured below, I have 4 different gauges from New South...
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    Dyno: PD130 + GTB1756VK

    MK4 Jetta GLX TDI Wagon (Dyno: PD130M6 GTB1756VK) A few days after upgrading the turbo in my heavy wagon, felting it's more powerful, I decided that I would give it a shot on the dyno. The power seems to be in the same range of my older Golf running on an hybrid vnt20 from S/T. At the dyno...
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    MK4 Sport TDI MFA Cluster

    Selling my TDI Sport MFA Instrument cluster as i’ve change to a metric one. The odometer is in KPH and the display is in french but these can be reprogrammed to MPH/English like it was before. The cluster was working perfectly well except for one thing, the MFA screen is fading away after 40-45...
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    FS: Turbo VNT17/22

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    FS: PD130 Engine/Drivetrain

    I imported a complete PD130 drivetrain from Europe a year ago and my original plan was to swap it in a GTI GLX 2001. My project changed and I have now two options in front of me. First one is to sell the entire drivetrain all toegether. Second option would be selling the PD130 engine + ECU + MFA...
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    FS: PD130 Engine

    Not for sale anymore.
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    FS: TDI PD130M6 Complete Drivetrain and more - Quebec

    Please delete, not for sale anymore Not for sale anymore
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    H&R Sport Springs for MK4 Wagon

    SOLD I am selling a set of H&R Sports coilsprings that I used on our 2005 TDI Wagon. They were installed on Bilstein Sports shocks and they provided an awesome sport ride but, during the cold months of winter, the shocks are quite stiff, which I am fine with but, a new baby will join the...
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    2000-2003 to 1999.5 conversion

    Hi, I've had a PD130 into my 2000 Golf and it was almost plug and play but, I would like to look at putting a PD150 into a 1999.5 Golf, which is also an mk4 but the wiring is different. I would have the ECU and Engine harness from the PD150 but, I would keep the body harness from the 99.5. How...
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    Help required from European folks

    Hi, as some of the members know, my project car burnt last year and, I don't really want to rebuilt from scratch a similar car but, I would rather look at importing one that would be a better base to start from. In Canada, our great government makes it nearly impossible to import a less than...
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    WTB - Golf 1999-2003 Silver Right Fender

    I am looking for the right front fender out of a Silver Golf car. It's for a project and I don't really want to pay a lot for it and I would be more than happy to have a rusted one. Show me what you have!
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    TDI 2000-2003 into TDI 1999.5

    I would like to know how complicated it is to swap the electronics out of a 2000 into a 1999.5. Having both cars side by side, is it possible to have two running car at the end with everything working out well? Also, to spice up the challenge, the 2000 is a Golf GL TDI and the 1999.5 is a...
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    FS : 1998 TDI Transmission (02A)

    I got a transmission out of a Jetta TDI 1998. I was planning to use the gears in my Syncro 02C transmission but end up not needing it. Fits Jetta TDI 1997.5 to 1999 and Passat TDI 1996 to 1997 300$ for it and local pickup only. Locate at about 45 minutes from Montreal.
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    Wanted : Airbox from B4 Passat TDI (1996/97)

    Need the plastic airbox. No Jetta MK3 Airbox (Already tried and it does not fit!). Must be from a Passat TDI 1996 or 1997. Thanks